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  1. A few hours ago I have uploaded a new version of IDT - Demo time limit is increased - Camera is defaulted to RTS mode (I think this mode is more familiar for most gamers)
  2. Thank you. I hope you will like IDT. Well, not really. I have developed most part of the game concept, before I first saw 'The space game', so I can't tell that IDT was inspired by that game.
  3. DimOs

    Interstellar defence troops

    Interstellar defence troops by Winter rain games. http://www.wiraingames.com/
  4. In the latest update of Interstellar defence troops I have added a new game mode, Battles. 24 missions in 3 sectors will be available for you in this game mode. The difficulty of every mission will grow and you will get different bonuses for the successful completion. These bonuses can help you in accomplishing the future missions. This update also includes many minor changes and bug fixes. Game UI is improved as well as game usability. If you'll have any comments, feel free to post them. Thank you.
  5. A few days back I have uploaded a gameplay video of Interstellar defence troops. http://wiraingames.com/ Check it out: [media][/media] If you have any comments, feel free to post them here. Thank you.
  6. DimOs

    [WIP] Accela Tower Defense

    Do you plan to sell this game, or it is just for fun?
  7. Just released a new update of Interstellar defence troops http://wiraingames.com/. some screenshots: http://www.gamedev.n...defence-troops/ and http://wiraingames.com/media.html [attachment=6000:5.jpg] 1. Added game tutorial. 2. Added game bonuses (double damage, fire rate, orbital strike ...). 3. Added time control (faster, slower, pause). 4. Major changes to UI. 5. Added new tower. 6. Major gameplay changes. 7. Game backgrounds are modified. 8. Lots of minor changes to increase usability. All comments are very welcome.
  8. I do have a few more thoughts. I don't know if your menu system provides this level of flexibility... Your menus look clean but lack style. Since everything in your menu is square, it's hard to tell what is a button and what is not. I found myself clicking on boxes that were not buttons. Perhaps create art for your menus that are more reflective of the style and look of your game? Have your buttons look different so that they stand out from what would be considered labels. One item in your menus confused me for a bit. It was the part of the menu that changes the game difficulty. For a while there I didn't realize that the buttons on the side were toggle buttons changing the difficulty. Instead of buttons with words on them, I would just use arrows (or something) on each side. Looking forward to trying your game with a tutorial. By design, I'm going to keep myself ignorant of how your game works to test out the tutorial. [/quote] Yes, you are right, I used buttons with no handler, instead of labels. Now I see it's a bit confusing. Thanks for pointing that out. I will also improve selection of the game difficulty in the next update, to make it more clear. Thanks for your comment.
  9. Thanks a lot for your comment, and for taking time for playing the game. In the next update I will add a tutorial that will help players to understand how everything works in the game. If you will have any other comments about the game, i will be very interested to read them. Thanks.
  10. Some technical information about the game. 1. C++ as programming language. 2. Ogre 3D for rendering (D3D9, GL) 3. Ogre RTShaderSystem for cool effects 4. CEGUI fog GUI 5. lua, tolua++ for scripting 6. tinyxml as XML parser 7. OIS for input 8. Some handmade tools (GUI editor, exporter, material generator, resource manager...)
  11. [size="4"]Interstellar defence troops - RTS - Tower defence Interstellar defence troops is my first shipped project, check it out @ http://www.wiraingames.com/ you can also become a fan on facebook or follow me on twitter or read my blog Game features Dynamic furious gameplayEnthralling game modesRTS and free look camera modesThe beauty of endless spacePleasant, atmospheric musicStunning space adventure [font="Times New Roman"] [/font][font="Times New Roman"] [/font] [font="Times New Roman"] [/font][font="Times New Roman"] [/font] Interstellar defence troops has three game modes. Survival - Classic tower defence mode. You have to protect your base from waves of enemy units.Rush - Is similar to survival, but has it's own features. It's much more fast and challenging. You will get 5 times more resources, and enemy spaceships will appear 3 times more often.Waves - In this mode you can launch enemy spaceships yourself. You can build a defence and then check how strong it is. Every game mode supports 4 levels of difficulty (easy, medium, hard, very hard). Winter rain games - Interstellar defence troops - Tower defence http://www.wiraingames.com/
  12. Winter rain games - Interstellar defence troops - Tower defence http://www.wiraingames.com/
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