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    How to make Game & Watch's inside game?

    So I know Unity engine and C# now, but I can learn C.  So arduino seems easy to learn. But I don't know how much price it would be?     And I just want very simple game like Game & Watch, AVR seems enough. I googled PIC and AVR and both seems not using editor or IDE like arduino or other modern game engine?
  2. DongHunLee

    How to make Game & Watch's inside game?

    @Olof  Thx for link,  So here comes  PIC, AVR, Arduino..  neither I know. What is suitable for future mass production and learn to it for initial few prototyping?
  3. DongHunLee

    How to make Game & Watch's inside game?

      actual new game and new hardware type of it. 
  4. DongHunLee

    How to make Game & Watch's inside game?

    Thx for info. It seems interesting and being one of infos that I need to dig into.    Though it lacks many detail parts of description. 
  5. So nintendo's Game & Watch.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_%26_Watch   How to make those sort of games? Use editor? or use C language? How to program and input that code inside to that sort of hardware?   If I want to make that sort of game (original new game), how can I?   Thanks.
  6. Hi. I am currently thinking & making mobile RPG game.   Hero, skills, comrades, monsters,,,,   How you design RPG game's exp?     1st question ----------------------- So specifically, how monster should strong? how much exp 1 monster should give to user(if same level with hero)?   For hero, how much exp needed to 1 level up?   After 1 level up, how much should be more strong?, How many rewards should be given to hero for 1 level up?   Are there suitable EXP table?  -------------------------     2nd question ------------------------- If I want my mobile RPG game have no ends, want to my game's user can continuously play,   but if user's hero character should be strong again and again, and monsters, hero's skill's value and effect also should be strong as those level, how can I manage all them?   How can I set exact proper values of all of them?   So if I choose development way of [reset hero character's level whenever user start some map(stage)], because of burden and hardness and lack of designer (currently, just myself and another co-designer guy) of make [endless growth and leveling up continuously],   is this still can be fun for users? Any tips or good reference document or book for making [reset level type RPG]? -----------------------------   Thanks a lot. 
  7.   Hi.   So I am targeting android/iOS mobile market, and worldwidely global targeting, RPG+minigame type.    and live in s.korea, can't find that sort of person you said.    I need help. 
  8. Hi.   So I now want to make mobile RPG game for global market.   I need to know robust in-app-purchase structure design algorithm for earn more than investment money and develope time(over $150,000 and 6 months).     Have any good tips for share?   Thanks.
  9. As you all know, Dragon's Crown's 2D graphic is extremely high quality.      How to make this sort of assets? And how to make animate it?   Draw each frame's static 2d image? 10~30 images for 1 second animation?   If so, how input all those thousand textures into game's resources?   How many developers needed for this(not for scale of Dragon's Crown, but much much (1/10) small scale 2d game)?    
  10. DongHunLee

    Game design focused on Free to Play type game?

    Thanks to useful tips.   I want to target middle-hardcore gamers but easy to start game for casual users, which is defense+rpg+skill selection and combination like Diablo3 style for Android/iOS.
  11. DongHunLee

    Game design focused on Free to Play type game?

    I know how it hard to make game that is both attract and retain a critical mass of players.    So first there need investor, then dev team.    So the cost of game dev can kill easily most of challengers who can't make this structure. 
  12. DongHunLee

    Game design focused on Free to Play type game?

      even if I do that, I just earn salary. and not my game, not my team.    Its not truly my thing.    At there, I don't have my own users, my real comrades.    Its just all for EA's owner.    I don't want to serve as slave to someone else for just a small shit salary. 
  13. DongHunLee

    Game design focused on Free to Play type game?

    you know,,, with no money, no devs, means poor quality, or break down of team or company. 
  14. Hi.   I want to know superb and proven technique about free 2 play type game.    Of course I have been played many of them and know how they design paid items and etc, but copying them is not enough for theory.    So I want to investigate and research seriously before deeply make my game's design document.    So eventual purpose of this strategy and research is to know,   [how to earn maximum money by F2P type game?] = [how to make user eager to buy paid item continuously? how to make them fanatic?]     Any useful comments or information site, articles?    Thanks.
  15. First, I didn't find collaboration forum section, so I post at here, I don't know this is proper, if not, sorry, move please.    ---------------   Hi. I want to make fantasy themed game which is defense+RPG+Diablo3 style skill selection, combination game for android/iOS.  So for that, I need mainly 2d graphic artist, animators, and unity3d programmer(c#).  My role is also unity3d programmer, and game designer.  (I made games like, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dimension14.publishertycoonlite&hl=en )   I want fast project for 3~4 months. And thus very simple, but will focuse on only one strength point of game.  So revenue sharing project, contact me if you interested. (wsxdrfv (@) hanmail (dot) net) or skype id - leegodskype Thanks. 
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