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    UDK physics

    Hello The answer to you're question is: Yes you are that lucky they are called "Fractured Static Meshes" go here and click on "Fractured Static Meshes" and download it, actually, if i were you, i would get the whole pack its about 50 gig worth of tutorials, but its well worth it, they are high quality tutorials by 3d buzz ( <3 3d Buzz) good luck _b
  2. Well said and these were my thoughts exactly
  3. jaemonnz

    UDK Questions

    You're most welcome, im glad i could help. As per you're additional answer: UDK has MP inter-graded, as it was originally an MP engine, MP coding is all low level, depending on you're type of game-play, you can basically, make a map, and lan straight away i hope this helped Edit: on the other hand, mmorpg is another story, though i have seen this implemented on the UDK via the game All Points Bulletin Reloaded which is a F2P mmo
  4. i would suggest the UDK, not only does it support DX11 and C++ but it come's with everything you will ever need to make game's, and even high quality film's, and it's easy to use, there are tutorial's all over the web, this is a small sample of what DX11 looks like in the UDK, enjoy The Samaratin
  5. jaemonnz

    Game/tools choice for a novice modder

    what do you plan on doing with you're degree?
  6. jaemonnz

    Starting Points

    i would suggest that you join a team, if you're looking to make an indie game, and take a look at this small "in-game" clip of what the UDK is capable of The Samaratin
  7. jaemonnz

    Full Sun and Moon Cycle! - Download UDK Files.

    Very nice indeed, the udk community thanks you
  8. jaemonnz

    UDK Questions

    Hi Answer 1: dont bother with spending money on books and dvd's and stuff, everything u need is on the internet for free. u can start here Free UDK tutorials Answer 2: UnrealKismet is merely a visual scripter, so instead of writing script, u just connect the nodes, alot like a material editor, in other word's, yes, u can use kismet to mess around with the players camera, there are several effects such as camera shake, camera fade, postprocessing and many other things, if ur looking more toward's cinematic's, then unreal matinee is where u want to be, im not going to go into detail, but merely answer ur questions. Answer 3: i dont really understand this question but i will try my best to answer, i will just have to say, almost anything is possible Answer 4: I use the UDK alot, im actually looking to start a pc game development company here in New Zealand with the UDK as its base, which is why i have come to these forums to seek out potential, though i havnt found many people at all in New Zealand whom actually use the UDK, i would say there are alot of Austrailian's whom use this mind blowing technology Answer 5: because there are tutorial's on the internet which can answer all these question's, u just need to seek em out i hope i helped, this was the first thread i came across looking for potential on this site
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