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    Sprite blitting

    Thanks again, your advice has been a great help. I need to get myself an OpenGL reference book, but I am afraid of getting one as they contain deprecated functions.. I will have to wait until December when they bring the 4.x stuff out.
  2. Allanis

    Sprite blitting

    Thanks again Katie. I am grateful for your help. I'll give it a shot and see how it goes. It sounds cleaner than what I was thinking of anyhow.
  3. Allanis

    Sprite blitting

    Thanks for the reply. I need to write my own sprite blitting algorithm however, this is for a uni project.
  4. Allanis

    Sprite blitting

    That sounds good Katie, I would very much appreciate that. Thank you.
  5. Allanis

    Sprite blitting

    Thank you for the response. It does not help me with my problem however, I am fully aware of what each API is and is not capable of, I am just having a bit of a block when it comes to implementing it.
  6. Allanis

    Sprite blitting

    Heya guys. So, I am working on a series of algorithms that will make up the basic framework of a 2D game. I am using C++ with SDL/OpenGL. When it comes to sprite blitting I have a number of was I could possibly achieve this, but when I start to get to the code, I hesitate and wonder if I am going about it the correct way. I wish to render using OpenGL, so I thought first I could split it into rectangles and sprites. where I simply setup a polygon and add a texture to it. I am struggling to find a nice way to draw this rectangle however within a class method, I need to pass arguments for the x, y coords of each vertices, would I not just be able to give the top left and bottom right coords to draw it? Any help on how I should go about doing this will be appretiated, I am aiming for an object oreintated design. Thanks.
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