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  1. What i want is kind of like Minecraft, but without it being blocky, not sure if it's possible though, like you said. I don't need random generation right now though, so don't worry about that. What i was thinking was to make it like a bunch of models stuffed together like Minecraft where it's just a bunch of squares all over the place, not sure how well it would work though. Do you have any idea on how it can be done? PS. jMonkeyEngine is just like using LWJGL, but with an IDE to use. So it doesn't make any difference in the code.
  2. Alright, so i got this game i'm trying to make, but the problem is, the terrain. I want it to be possible to get deformation when for example, digging. For reference, i'd like something similar to Minecraft when it comes to terrain, not necessarily randomly generated, but where every block has it's own properties, but not, you know, blocky. Any ideas? PS. I'm using jMonkeyEngine 3 for OpenGL (Which uses LWJGL as well)
  3. Drakeon

    games for android

    Java is used for Android Development, and eclipse is the recommended Android IDE as suggested by Google themselves, since they have SDK plugins to emulate in eclipse as well. http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/packages/eclipse-ide-java-developers/indigosr1 for the IDE http://developer.android.com/sdk/eclipse-adt.html for the tools Good luck!
  4. Drakeon

    Planning done, now what?

    Well, the game i have planned is gonna be EXTREMELY open-ended. I have been thinking about making randomly generated worlds, but problem is, i don't even know how i'm supposed to make the terrain into objects, and not just a plane with textures and models on it. Kinda like Minecraft in that sense, where every type of block has it's own properties. But like Minecraft, i'm satisfied with starting out with a pre-defined world, if i can just get a terrain that's comprised of several types of properties, then i'm sure i could go somewhere on my own. So i guess what i really need is a way to change the terrain into a bunch of objects. (Dirt being an object, grass being an object, etc) And now that i think about it, i have a feeling i just answered my own question, but please, do help me out in case i didn't. Thanks for the answers so far guys!
  5. I've been planning a game for a while, and i'm having a hard time finding a place to start working on it. Where do i start, and how? My guess would be the visuals like terrain and stuff, but i'm not sure. Any ideas?
  6. Drakeon

    Hard Time Programming!

    Wow, quick and awesome answers! Truly appreciated! The part about a to-do list is just amazing, i can't believe i didn't think of that sooner! All the projects i've had haven't had any proper planning, which probably led me to be confused about where and how to start. And that i just need to keep going. Thanks Serapth, Telastyn, and Zern. You gave me insight on what i was doing wrong. Definitely gonna plan more next time!
  7. Hello, I've been trying to make games for over a year now, and seeing as i have nothing of worth, i'm starting to think there's something wrong. Here's the problem. I know how the language functions (C# and Java) but as soon as i have to program something myself, everything i've learned so far, just disappears from my head. I just sit there thinking. What do i do? I understand everything when i look at others programming. This bothers me a lot seeing as my biggest dream is to make a living off game development. I am diagnosed with Asbergers, and i hope that has nothing to do about it. Does anyone know what might be the problem? It would mean a lot to me if i could figure out why this is.
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