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  1. Victor Nike

    The name of place

    This might help, on the same vein: http://en.wikipedia....dom_and_Ireland There's ones for Germany to.
  2. Victor Nike

    The name of place

    I'm not sure how in-depth you're going with this, some like to plan out every little detail whilst others just do it for major plot areas... but you should think about what the settlement does, where it is, the culture of the people. This town is built around the only bridge over the river Harvey, so it's called Harveyford. Little things like that can add to the depth. If your world has a history then it is much more lifelike. 'Arthur's Seat' in Edinburgh is named as such because it's where King Arthur rested for a while. Suddenly you've opened up the history of Edinburgh, set up a King in the Mountain sub plot, blah blah blah.
  3. Victor Nike

    Agriculture - plants vs livestock

    I played your MMO a bit, seemed like it was going places I liked but I'm gonna wait until there's more to it before I dive in. For Zethariel's point- seeing as it's Mediaeval you could have "Go on a crusade", "Visit the court of the king". Something flavoursome to say "Holiday mode". Your wife/steward/kid is put in charge and everything keeps going at the minimum required, although if it falls below the requirements (you bought too many cows) then it'll start to fix that so you don't get back to total devastation.
  4. Victor Nike

    Psychological Horror Concept

    The idea of a sandbox world where you just have one goal- escape- is pretty cool. The main thing I would suggest is add a few close calls where the monster is coming and oh god it's right there but the player solves a puzzle and escapes at the last minute. Randomised timers with inexact clocks can help- I'm low on time but how low?!
  5. Victor Nike

    Do you do any music other than Game Music?

    I write guitar+ voice ballads because it's easy, and melodic power metal because boo yeah!
  6. Victor Nike

    Clatify this for me(evolution)

    The truth about evolution for you, sheeple:
  7. Victor Nike

    Questions about the debt discussions

    The US government has being doing that since it was first formed. Hell, the move to a massive consumption economy was one of the finest pieces of social engineering ever. Convincing an entire civilisation that buying cheap things that last a year > cheap things that last a century is impressive. The government has being telling you to drink milk, eat fruit and veg, cut back on the McDonald's. This is because Americans are the most obese country in the world and, well, you need the help. The government has been telling you who you can't marry (same-sex, monkeys, the USS Nimitz) since the dawn of time. This was sensible because children are important for growth (although that stress has been lifted now). This led to the current anti-gay-marriage thing where idiots think letting gays marry will send us all to a living hell. It's all tradition that's implanted itself with no relevance to the modern world. The government tells you what drugs to do because drugs ruin lives and waste potential. Look at your average stoner. They insist vehemently that weed has no bad points, isn't addictive and would single-handedly save the economy- facts be damned. They usually say all this at 3pm on a Tuesday in their parents garage. Don't even start talking about Heroin, Cocaine et alii. If you were talking about prescription drugs then, well, yeah. Same thing except in certain cases it's ok because they have good qualities as well and have been through testing and safety controls to make sure they have as much good, and as little bad, as possible. The government is not trying to take away your pickup, guns and moonshine still. It's because there's no such thing as "the government" in the way you are describing it. There's two main parties and some independents- all fighting for different things. There's the Legislative branch which comes down like a rock on the Exec if they encroach on you. And, on top of all this, increased government involvement is probably a good thing. Compared to the US, on your scale, most European countries are police states on the verge of Jew-killin'. We get constant advice about things, have more restrictive laws and can't own guns. Yet we are richer (on average), safer, have free healthcare and higher quality of life. Expanding government != Orwellian Police State.
  8. Victor Nike

    Game funding - an endless recursion?

    Don't know where you got that from but it's brilliant. *Honk honk*
  9. Victor Nike

    Questions about the debt discussions

    Y'all got a cite for that? I ain't no fancy city-slickin' posteroony but ah think that may be horseshit. I really, really, really doubt the "progressive" movement plans on encouraging eugenics and frying babies. EDIT: Well, Al Gore seems to be advocating that- but it would be an effective method of reducing our impact without negatively affecting life-quality (unless you really really love babies). More encouragement to not have children is more sensible.
  10. I'd like to contribute but it'd be casual- I have quite a lot on sometimes and nothing other times so I mightn't always hit the target or I might hit three times. How would you make it stand out though? Review sites are a dime-a-dozen and the big ones are trusted because of years of experience. A new, mildly informal site could maybe not have the same... authority on topics. Here's a few suggestions- Get linked by an already well-known site. Ask Tim Buckley of CAD or Notch- someone with a massive audience who likes to spread the love. Have the site run for a while so it has content- it has to be legitimately good for anyone to link. We need to go deeper. Take Extra Credits' suggestion and actually review the game instead of listing what it does and how well it does it. Read film and book reviews and think about applying it to the gaming culture. Link it to Gamedev! There's many, many, many Indie games on gamedev that go without review, as do model packs, editing tools- even individuals (composers, artists). In addition to other things you could have reviews off of gamedev. Want a composer? Well- Jimmy McJimmy and Magnus Magnusson replied but Jimmy has 5 stars, Magnus has 3 and his portfolio wasn't as good. Blah blah blah. Competitions! I'm sure some of the developers on GD would be happy to give 5 download codes to their new game if you have a decent audience. Gonzo. Look it up, philistine. Write as if you were a character. Extra points for him being a 1950s private eye (who is also a plumber in the Mushroom Kingdom). I ran out of ideas. You could, wait. Um, move along. -- Of course all these things and more would be best- but you need to keep it clean and stylish, clutter is very unattractive. just my tuppence.
  11. Victor Nike

    Help Wanted topic approval

    I know this is anecdotal but I learned a lot from being a time-waster on Help Wanted. I'd think of a game idea whilst walking the dogs (some of them legitimately good) and immediately go home, hash out a quick outline and post a topic. I know, I'm Victor and I'm an idiot and the court has ordered me to join Time-waster's Anon. However I eventually learned that it was stupid wasting people's time like that and, as I grew older, I realised how much work it would take etc etc. So I made a new account and, hopefully, a fresh (and more successful start). And music could be helpful earlier on- it's one of the easiest ways to build a mood and atmosphere to get everyone on the same peg. A storyboard/slideshow is much more effective with background music, just like a modern films (with music, talking and explosions are more engrossing than old sIlent ones.
  12. Victor Nike

    ORG, a game of exploration

    That was a fast update, I'll be sure to test it out asap. How about having Forts as an alternative to cities? Cities give more resources nearby, forts project influence along roads and out a bit into wilderness. Other players can't expand through influence without paying a lot more. Or something, your game. ^^
  13. Victor Nike

    Game funding - an endless recursion?

    Thanks, I now have the beautiful image of a hobo with no cash writing out code, drawing flipbook animations, writing scripts and getting other hobos to act it out.
  14. Victor Nike

    What Would YOU Like To See In Today's Games?

    WWIIOL has that- ranks only limit what classes you can get (and even then there's few to go around). The whole point is to fight for your country, not the gloryz. Too bad it's terrible. My opinion.
  15. Victor Nike

    Remember 'tighten up the graphics' ?

    Academic research obviously. You have to make sacrifices in the name of research. Hot. Naked. Research.
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