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  1. I can see why you are confused, he did use separate meshes that he then joined into one after UV mapping. The reason he did was because he thought it was easier. The way he maps and then joins islands is slow and rarely used, because it results in strange errors. The way he shows in the end, with the full body, is how UV mapping is done. He only used one map and in the end. Some of his unwraps was less than optimal, for example the toes overlapped because he was using a cylinder unwrap when he should have used a cube unwrap. Where he adjusted the texture to get the chess tile pattern the same size, that's texel density.   I think you jumped into the deep end too fast, it's not a bad idea. The problem is that with his tutorial he is expecting that you know the basics, so there is a lot that is missing from the tutorial. In fact it's more of a "how to" than a tutorial. Start with a beginners UV map tutorial, then move to that one after and it will make more sense. Also all 3D shapes and forms derive from basic shapes like cubes, start by learning how to unwrap them first.   Using more than one UV map to bake seamless textures is a advanced technique, you wont see it in UV mapping tutorial. You will have to look into texture baking before you notice it.   I see, I do need to understand more about texturing in general. Thank you for the explanation, it helps a lot.
  2. Whoa there's a lot of terminology I don't understand, guess I have a lot of learning to do.  Here's the video to the tutorial,  is only the arm being highlighted because he was using seams? Upon watching all the way through he does seems to have a method for full body UV mapping, but is he using the multiple UV maps like you mentioned? I have no idea.
  3. Yeah I'm not sure what he was doing there (maybe he had a separate video where he showed people how to model them or assumed his audience was knowledgeable enough to know by that point?). As for the UV mapping part, the separation of the body parts is actually very important for texturing the model. Long story short, if you use an imported material (like the paint on a car) and you haven't adjusted your UV Map properly, it'll either look weird or completely wrong.    So what do you suggest about UV Mapping? I combined the body parts so that I know how they'll look like while still modeling. Because from his video the arm totally looks like its attached to the body but he could still highlight the arm like it's its own object.
  4. I'm a beginner with 3D, so there's this tutorial series I'm following which totally throws me off. He models a head, but then leaves out the part where you create the mouth flaps and eyeballs for animation eventhough he kept talking about topology for animation throughout the video. He creates a full body model, combined all the body parts, but then on the next video for UV Mapping, he has the model uncombined again and only have half the body without explaining it because its easier to do UV mapping with a separated body parts I guess. I'm kinda lost here, so any help would be very much appreciated.
  5. Zrifepsych

    Rendering issue in Maya 2016

    I'm still fairly early in starting to learn 3d modelling, and I've been following a youtube tutorial step by step when I encountered this rendering issue.   The scene:   Render result: I even switched to Mental Ray. Any idea how to fix this?
  6. Thanks for the response guys. I thought no one was gonna reply at all. Do you know anymore free tutorial websites like this one?
  7. I'm just starting to learn Unreal 4, but I decided to want to start using my own models instead of downloading placeholders. I'm aiming to learn Maya 2016. But I really don't know which tutorial series on youtube to follow. Too much choices that I'm stuck I guess. I need recommendation from you guys. Is there any beginner friendly Maya tutorial that's specificy on using with Unreal 4 or at least game development? I need them to be free of course, I tried looking for recommendations elsewhere and all of them seems to point me to website that requires subscrition free and as a struggling student that is really out of question.
  8. I see, so for now opening a separate bank account is a must.
  9. I'm from Malaysia, I dont know if the law here works the same but I do have a few question. I'm still developing a free mobile game that I'm planning to publish on Android PlayStore. It'll be a free to play game with ads. My current concerns are 1. Tax, if I make any revenue from this game. How do I deal with them? 2. Should I open a new account specifically for the revenue? Do I open a bank account as a company?    
  10. I'm making a top down action game like the first Legend Of Zelda, I've been following Heartbeast tutorial, but decided to stop because he was using physics and I don't want to rely on physics. Now I almost recreated the game project without physics but I'm stuck at making the enemies knockback when being attacked. Any help would be really appreciated. 
  11. Zrifepsych

    Looking for a drawing software

    So I've been using Corel Painter 2015. I chose to stick with this cause the selection of brush that it offers. SO much of it and I love it. That's the reason why I opted to use it instead of Sai, Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint. However, as I'm using it, I realize it's lacking and frankly too much features that I have no idea to use. What it lacks? I can't even find a shape tool to make a triangle. So I need suggestion on what software to use. 
  12. Zrifepsych

    Help me find tutorial to make this type of game

    I need some pretty beginner-friendly tutorial because I also need the knowledge on how to design a Zelda-esque game. That and I'm just not confident enough to code on my own.
  13. Zrifepsych

    Help me find tutorial to make this type of game

    I've seen that tutorial and didn't really help. I was looking for a tutorial where they teach you how to do the game and teaches the coding for it. Like how to make a level with proper collision coding tutorial.
  14. I want to find beginner friendly tutorial on how to make the classic top-down The Legend of Zelda using GameMaker Studio. I know some basic coding stuff but I still would like to have a beginner friendly tutorial so that I can keep up with it. 
  15. Zrifepsych

    Looking for a uncomfortable background noise

    I found something else that I think I can use too. I'll try to experiment with it. I'll PM you for further stuff if things doesn't work out.
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