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  1. Hello, I am a programmer looking for experience doing some C++ coding. I thought the best way to start would be to do some coding someone else doesn't want to for free. Hence the title. I have been programming since I was 10 years old, but only have about 2 years experience with C++ when I was in college. I've spent the past 5 years since college programming for the web in Java and PHP. I have a very solid understanding of OOP. What I am really curious about are the intricacies of pointer manipulation and all the little tricks of memory management that make it possible to fit a game like Skyrim inside a half a gig of memory. I am also very self sufficient. Very comfortable with just being "thrown in the fire" with no idea how to get something done and can function alone while finding a solution. Really I am looking for little problems to solve that the "big kids" may not want to be bothered with. Any one have any ideas where I can find that kind of work? As the title says I would do this work completely free, I just want the experience. Thanks! PS. Also any books I should check out?
  2. Gothama is at its highest level a stoic/buddhist/vedic-inspired critique of the ‘little pleasures’ of videogaming: the jingle of coins, a satisfying stomp, a well-timed dash and jump. These are the things on which 2d platforming is built, but to what extent do they lead us into endless cycles of ultimately fruitless action? How much of our energy and effort is directed towards short-term ephemeral gains and vain striving? Initially, the player will storm through the game in classic Mario/Megaman/Sonic fashion. When they reach the end of the level, they realize that the very things they’ve been trained to do are the things that limit them from progressing... Made in 48 hours at the San Francisco Global Game Jam: http://globalgamejam.org/2012/gothama
  3. Hello there, Are you looking for someone to review your game? How about for free? Join Game Review Hero and suggest your game to be added to our list of games. Learn more here: http://gamereviewhero.com/main/instructions Our list is quite short at the moment. You must be a member to suggest a game. To become a member email us at contact@gamereviewhero.com. We will send you an invitation and you can suggest your game.
  4. ionmarkgames

    Looking for game critics!

    Just a quick update. The site has gone live for beta testing. You can check it out at http://gamereviewhero.com. Email me if you would like an invite.
  5. ionmarkgames

    Looking for game critics!

    [color=#222222]I'm currently working on a new website that aims to gamify video game reviewing. The goal is twofold. Create a platform where aspiring game reviewers can hone their craft and get feedback on the quality of their reviews. The other goal is to get every Indie game available reviewed by someone. [color=#222222]I am trying to figure out how much interest there is for something like this. So... Is this something people would like to do? If so please respond to this thread with a simple "I'm in" or email me at [email="contact@gamereviewhero.com"]contact@gamereviewhero.com[/email][color=#222222]. [color=#222222]I plan on contacting everyone who responds individually to talk more about their level of interest. GORY DETAILS [color=#222222]Game Review Hero [color=#222222]So you want to review a game. You come in, sign up. Now you start off with a reviewer score of zero. This means you can only review content that has not been review already. That will make more sense later. In order to review a game you need to call “dibbs” on it before anyone else does. Once you’ve called “dibbs” it will not be available for anyone to review for one week. Choose wisely though because you can only call "dibbs" on one game at a time. During that time you should be reviewing the eff out of that game and submit a write up before the end of your week. If you don’t submit a draft of your review within a week that game goes back to being “up for dibbs” by any other reviewer. [color=#222222]After you submit a review one of our editors will look it over make sure it is not rife with profanity and miss-spellings and you will get approved. If however your review is just line after line of curse words or it is completely incoherent we will reject you. If you are rejected you have 3 days to resubmit. If not the game goes back up for "dibbs.” We’re not saying you can’t curse. We just think it should be used really drive a point home. Too much cursing causes it to lose its gravitas. [color=#222222]Now, after you are approved, your review is posted on our main page for all to see! Applause! At this point people can rate your review. Depending on your ratings your reviewer score will go up. Remember I mentioned that earlier? Your review score gives you rewards as you get higher. First you will be able to review games that have already been reviewed. This gives you access to review the good ones that maybe someone else has reviewed already. People can also rate these reviews and you can improve you reviewer score even more. [color=#222222]Here is a brief summary of how reviewer score will work: [color=#222222] NPC (< 0 pts): You have been very bad and are not allowed to review or rate anything. Your reviewer score will increase plus 1 every day until it reaches 0 again. [color=#222222] Player (0 - 9pts): You are new to the site. You can submit games for review or review games that have not been reviewed and don’t have "dibbs". [color=#222222] Game Review Apprentice (10 - 24pts): You have reviewed some games and people have liked it. You have tasted victory! [color=#222222] Game Reviewer Adept (25 - 99): You can now review games that have already been reviewed. Getting positive feedback on these reviews is worth more than reviewing games that have not been reviewed. Your positive feedback of other reviewers has more value. [color=#222222] Game Review Expert (100 - 199): You have our attention. You get priority pick on reviewing the latest games that are up for review. [color=#222222] Guest Columnist (200 - 499) Wow ok, you are really good at this. We will ask you to submit your first guest column. This can be about anything related to gaming. We really don’t want to limit you in any way. Do you want to talk about how much your cat likes watching you play Skyrim? Go for it. It just needs to be 1000 words or more. With great power comes great responsibility though. If you receive negative ratings for your columns you will lose points and you may drop back down to Expert. [color=#222222] Columnist (500 - 999): Holy sh- I mean great job! You have written some amazing content and everyone loves your stuff. We upgrade you to full columnist. This means you get to write about anything every week. You get your own section of the website that is yours. It’s like an office, but totally not. We may start talking about money at this point. [color=#222222] Editor (1000 and up): How the fu-- uh, I don’t know what to say. There is no reason we should not be paying you right now. As long as we can afford it we will do so. Also you get to be an Editor so congrats! You are a Game Review Hero! [color=#222222]Best case scenario we will hope to bring some real gems into the spotlight and let them shine for everyone to see. We want to create a community which encourages developers to strive for greatness and not have to worry as much about toiling away in obscurity or paying advertisers to get their games out there. It is also an opportunity to inspire real and meaningful feedback other than “This game sucks” or “This game is awesome because I like it”. We’re hoping we can produce some power reviewers who can start changing how we talk about games as a whole. Causing us to expand our vocabulary and enriching our play experiences. Yay community and collaboration!
  6. ionmarkgames

    Java Game Analytics Tool

    Hi there, I have been working on a game metrics platform that is targeted towards game developers. The main question I set out to answer was "How long do players play my game before they quit?" Most analytics tools I found cannot answer this simple question. I have a lot of programming experience developing business intelligence tools so I thought I'd take a crack at it. What I have build is very simple, but I believe very powerful. With it you can answer questions like: How long on average do players play my game? How long does it take a player to get through a level? How frequently do players score points over time? Does anyone actually read the instructions? I'm opening it up for beta today. You can can check it out here: http://sniffmetrics.com I would love any feedback I could get on how it has worked for them. Also please let me know if you encounter any bugs. Thanks!
  7. ionmarkgames

    YS 1.1 for Android and PC

    I posted here a while back when I had an alpha version of this game. It's now in beta and ready for another round of harsh testing and brutal criticism. First a bit about the game. It is a 2D maze shooter. You navigate various mazes and shoot enemies you encounter. You can download it here. Or get the AndroidOS version here.
  8. ionmarkgames

    Please help fund this game

    I'm not sure you read why I am asking for money. It is specifically so I can hire artists, musicians and engineers to help me complete the game. It's pretty tough to find people who will do this kind of work for free and even then it's kind of a big risk. I realize this game is far from done in its current state. I do appreciate your concern though. Do you have any other more specific advice you would like to give me? I would really appreciate it.
  9. ionmarkgames

    Please help fund this game

    I've been working on this project for a few months now and I'm realizing it could be so much better if I could hire an artist and another engineer to help me build it. Unfortunately this requires money so I am asking for your help. Please back my Kickstarter project: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1873615828/gsm-a-space-invaders-prequel Any amount helps!
  10. Read more about it here: http://ionmarkgames.com/?page_id=149
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