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    Hiring musicians

    Well ok exaggeration with this 4 chord thing. But it goes a little bit like this... High paid = high quality Low paid = lets see whats I can do without spending days [color="#1C2837"]But offering my services as a pro implies me making music without a "day job" interfering and also the ability to lock myself in the studio for a week to present at least a first draft afterwards. Of course, good compensation helps to pay the rent for that time, but really that's all I want to do anyway.[/quote] If you are a full time composer who can make a life on the money. But I think they're rare.... Naja tschüs dann ;)
  2. Fastel

    Hiring musicians

    Hehe... I made this 6 Minutes Track in 2 Days: http://soundcloud.com/fastel/plasma And this 3 minutes-track took much more than 2 Weeks and lots of beer http://soundcloud.com/fastel/squeeze It takes one day to realize a backgroundmusic, soundscapes and ambients... but sometimes you really can get problems when you try to copy that old Nintendo 90s Music. Its not the length. My price depends on the quality somebody wants. "You just give 100$ für 10 minutes orchestra-music?... well no problem I have 4 chords left" *loop* And the creative process is one thing you cant really plan. If you want something special - it could take 1 Month just to get the great idea you know? ;o) That is MY big problem in working with a client. I love it to have time to think about the composition, to make a sheet and correct it with billions of pencil-lines The process of production, of making your ideas to sound can take hours, days, or weeks. I had a really big composition laying on my HD half a year before I "finished" it - and I still find details to update it evertime I hear it.... well I think I wouldnd sell that piece at all
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