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  1. 7 godina zaredon prvak svoje lige, 2 godine zaredon u ligi prvaka, 4863 gledatelja na utakmici lige prvaka. Tužno je bit simpatizer najkrš?anskijeg kluba na svitu. Obrigado Porto.
  2. How do you guys like the Classifieds section instead of old Help Wanted forum? I think it's really cool, but I liked the old forum more. There was much more activity back then than it is now in Classifieds. Is there any other forum or place to post your project and look for help similar to the old Help Wanted?
  3. NebojsaVeron

    Help Wanted Classifieds

    @jbadams: I was just writing a personal message to you while you were writing this reply. Thanks for writing your e-mail address, we'll definitely be in touch and I'd like to hear more about your plans and maybe help you with my ideas and suggestions.
  4. NebojsaVeron

    Help Wanted Classifieds

    Hehe, I can say I agree with this one. Old Help Wanted forum was much more "alive" than Classifieds, despite all the spam and MMORPGs. It felt much better, I felt much more energy and enthusiasm there. Classifieds are definitely a step forward, but looks like the community doesn't like it as much as they did the old forum. And it is supposed to be there because of the community, right? @jbadams: Anyway, I think you did a great job with Classifieds, it just didn't make so much impact on the community. Btw. I sent you two e-mails regarding this couple of months ago. I gave you some feedback and suggestions, I never got a reply though Do you maybe remember ever getting those e-mails? EDIT: Actually, I'm wrong. I sent those e-mails to Dave Astle, not you, my mistake. Still didn't get a reply.
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