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  1. Eugh I really need a computer at home. I just installed a web server and a JavaScript IDE on my phone and it's just painful to use :(
  2. Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 best purchase of 2012 imho. Not only is it pretty much the only xbox 360 game that supports 2-player co-operative split-screen (actually it uses a rather clever single-screen/split-screen hybrid that allows you to have a full screen if you're close but still lets you go further than 10 feet away from the other player by splitting the screen in half) but it's also dozens if not hundreds of hours worth of gameplay for a relatively low price. And it's lego. And it'...
  3. Dear every idiot on MTV's "Friendzone" and anyone else who thinks they've been "friendzoned" by a girl they've never asked out, Being a pussy is not the same thing as being friendzoned. You are friendzoned after you grow a pair and ask someone out and they reply with "I see you more as a friend". You're not friendzoned if you haven't even told them how you feel yet. Sincerely, Mr Common Sense
  4. We changed the weather to Heavy Snow using Google and it's now snowing heavily. It took a little longer than the promised 45 minutes, but nevertheless functioned precisely as described. Also, they didn't get the temperature right - thankfully, as we asked for -45 degrees! Perhaps they detected the erroneous request automatically. Amazing.
  5. I can't believe the Illuminati have revealed themselves publicly. I guess the conspiracy theorists were right all along. Shame about Queen Elizabeth being one of them, but I suppose there's nothing we can do now but submit to lives of mindless slavery (mind you, you could argue nothing's changed in that regard!)
  6. Installed an extension in chrome that lets me swap words. It's quite funny. I swapped all the female gender words "her, hers, she, girl, women, woman" for their male equivalents. Hilarity ensued.
  7. It is snowing! :o
  8. I wish the people drilling would stop, it's really annoying and Miranda Schenk has a headache :(
  9. The Swedish for vegetables is "grönsaker". It literally translates as "green things". :)
  10. In other news, Facebook's "life event" thing is quite a fun toy! :D
  11. ChrisBrowne

    Robot Programming Game

    There's a game called RoboCode written in Java that uses pure Java classes - the game provides an API (with appropriate Javadoc) and allows you to use any Java functions you want in your robot (memory usage and a few other imposed restrictions notwithstanding). It's pretty cool. Maybe you could take some pointers from that project? It's open-source, too.
  12. ChrisBrowne

    realloc stability on failing computer

    I can't add anything particularly constructive to this thread as I'm struggling to understand the problem (you're being purposely vague). However, the below code (copy-pasted from your original post) has a glaring problem: [color="#1C2837"] cat2 = (float*)realloc(cat, newsize); if(!cat2) cat2 = (float*)realloc(cat, newsize); cat=cat2; [color="#1C2837"]Why are you calling realloc() twice on cat2? What's more, your if() does not encompass the following "cat=cat2", which means that if the second realloc returns null, you're back to your old problem. [color="#1C2837"]In other words, the above code is equivalent (but more processor-intensive) to: cat = (float*)realloc(cat,newsize); [color="#1C2837"]Did you mean: cat2 = (float*)realloc(cat, newsize); if(!cat2) cat = cat2; [color="#1C2837"]by any chance? I'd avoid using single-statement if()'s anyway, since they can cause confusion. That said, I often use them myself because I'm lazy and stubborn.
  13. ChrisBrowne

    Creating Art Within an MMO

    Counter-Strike and the successing Counter-Strike Source have allowed custom "sprays" to be uploaded onto servers for years. Copyrighted content and pornography is regularly broadcast in this fashion. CS and CSS both carry an M-rating by ESRB and are rated around the 15-16 mark elsewhere. This is below the usual 18+ rating assigned to games containing pornographic content, which leads me to believe that the games are not held responsible for the content contributed by players, at least by ratings boards. This is further backed up by the warnings you get when you play any online game that state "experience may change during online play" by the ratings board. Perhaps Valve "get away with it" because they aren't in control of the CS/CSS servers, but to me it seems more likely that the issue is simply dealt with on a case-by-case basis by the legal authorities. As long as you're willing to cooperate with authorities and you are willing and able to remove illegal content as and when necessary, I don't think there should be any problem whatsoever with your idea.
  14. ChrisBrowne

    Dying in cooperative multiplayer

    Punishing players for death is one of the most fundamental things that you need to "get right" in a game if you want it to be both challenging and rewarding. So it's no surprise that you're finding it difficult to settle on any particular 'death mechanic'. Innovation in this area has been slow, as well, with almost all games using the decades-old "respawning" system. One new option that I've seen in a few games is that the player doesn't actually die at all, but merely falls unconscious for a pre-determined amount of time (the amount of time the player falls unconscious can even be varied based on the frequency of death, to increase or decrease the punishment for repeat-offenders as you see fit). Fable is a good example of a high-profile title that implements this sort of death mechanic. Fable also punishes the player with a loss of experience and an ugly scar. Another alternative is to have the player turn into a 'ghost' for a pre-determined amount of time. Supension of disbelief isn't quite as strained as 'respawning', but the reincarnation phase might leave some players pondering exactly why or how they're able to continue playing -after- being a ghost. The advantage of this method, however, is that you can take the player 'out of the game' for longer without them feeling like they aren't participating, thus punishing the comrades for not saving the dead player rather than punishing the player himself. If that's your goal, I'd suggest pursuing this route (although my idea is obviously unrefined). There are a few games which implement this, but no titles spring to mind immediately. I've thought long and hard about the death mechanic for the game I'm currently designing with my girlfriend, and I can tell you that it's not easy! I hope I've given you something to think about, and good luck with the game.
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