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  1. So today I went to Costco for a cheap lunch fix. I walked up to the soda machine to fill my drink and noticed several bees lurking around the various soda dispenser nozzles.. I then turned to the dude next to me and I said "well that's a first." he said "They probably are all going to get cancer from sucking on that high fructose corn syrup, then take it back to their hive and shit." .. LMFAO!
  2. At the motorcycle swap meet at vets stadium!!
  3. Gotta be something to do on this awesome day!
  4. People, let's do something! The day is still young!
  5. People are so quick to jump to the conclusion that this entire incident is an example of "racial oppression." There clearly isn't enough evidence to convict Zimmerman of second degree murder. If there was, THE JURY (sworn body of people convened to render an impartial verdict) would have found him guilty. The stupidity in this country is appalling. In fact I find it racist for all these people to automatically assume treyvon's innocence because he was shot, he was black, and he was killed by...
  6. Fact: I meticulously organize my code so that it is ridiculously neat and legible.
  7. I've decided, i think i may be deleting my profile. It is a waste of time and I don't even talk to 2/3's of you people anyways. To be fair, I dont even care what 5/6'ths of you have to say.. If you want my number/email send me a message. Tabula rasa.
  8. It just doesn't end. More studying for Bio!
  9. YasinKhalil

    Swept AABB Collision Detection and Response

    Excellent tutorial! Thank you for this contribution, can't wait to implement this in my own project! 
  10. These ties that bind ad nauseam...
  11. I got off of work and then decided to take a nice ride up to Signal Hill. This was my view! Oh and a Lady Bug decided to play with my helmet xP
  12. Let's do something!!
  13. One day I will bring this world to it's knees.
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