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  1. nuclearfossil

    An Introduction to Lua

    I've always wanted to do a follow up article on 'lua after the fact'. But life has a funny way of making you work on other things. And thanks! I spent a fair bit of time (jaysus, back in 2003 ... ) trying to cross the line of "educational as well as entertaining"
  2. nuclearfossil

    An Introduction to Lua

    That's a great way to start a conversation. And a great way for me to think you're a) a troll b) have no idea what you're talking about. Just because you're 'pissed off' because you're trying to hack a game? You know what you can do.
  3. nuclearfossil

    How to enable scripting in my engine

    I wrote this over a decade ago. I shouldn't be _too_ out of date, but maybe it would help?
  4. Kinda curious about the mayhem that the shooting death of the Bacon Brother is going to cause in the Lower Mainland ...
  5. is it bad that I keep forgetting what TL;DR means? I always keep thinking it's some Tolkien abbreviation ...
  6. nuclearfossil

    [DX11] Memory Management Question

    Was recently getting this as well. It came down to having a single resource not getting cleaned up correctly (a Constant Shader buffer). The key thing on this, as stated before, is going through and ensuring that any item with an ExtRef > 0 should be investigated. One thing that you can do to help is add a proper name to the resource, like so: D3D11_BUFFER_DESC constDesc; ZeroMemory(&constDesc, sizeof(constDesc) ); constDesc.BindFlags = D3D11_BIND_CONSTANT_BUFFER; constDesc.ByteWidth = sizeof( XMMATRIX ); constDesc.Usage = D3D11_USAGE_DEFAULT; result = mD3DD3Device->CreateBuffer( &constDesc, 0, &mWVPConstBuf ); if ( FAILED(result) ) { return S_FALSE; } mWVPConstBuf->SetPrivateData( WKPDID_D3DDebugObjectName, sizeof("mWVPConstBuf")-1, "mWVPConstBuf" ); Calling SetPrivateData on the D3D resource allows you to get a proper name in the debug spew. Saved me a great deal of time in trying to figure out what's what. [/quote]
  7. It is far too early to have halloween costumes out!
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