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    Python/Pygame or C#/XNA

    does this mean i can't just make a picture of the a certain place and choose which parts cannot be walked into? i haven't tried flash yet though. - Hmm since I wanted portability someone suggested Java. Java is not as easy as Python and C# right? [/quote] u can take a pic, and make bounding boxes, though
  2. fgopl


    i've concluded(thx to the above post) that visual studio won't help with palib, so i will stick with PN
  3. fgopl

    Python/Pygame or C#/XNA

    xna is better. however, it has no designer, so it might be hard for a flashie like you.
  4. fgopl


    i dont understand how to compile my program. and as for visual studio, i can't figure out how to add the vctemplate included with palib quickfix.
  5. fgopl


    ignoring the above spams, i attempted to install the visual studio plugin, but there was an error saying that i need to run with admin privileges. so i did. then, the same error happened again. and that makefile errror still occurs
  6. fgopl


    oh wait, i just noticed that in palib it has an addon that easily integrates. problem solvd
  7. fgopl


    i have devkit arm and libnds, and i tried to integrate it with visual studio 2008, and this is the error: error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Performing Makefile project actions" so i tried programmer's notepad, but i have no clue on how to use this app. plz help. thx
  8. fgopl

    Good C/C++ Tools For A Beginner?

    i don't see why u wont learn c#, except if you are leaning towards nds dev
  9. fgopl

    PAlib or libnds?

    psst! i already use xna to make pc games, but i want to try delving into to the world of nds homebrew @edit i noticed that in programmers ntpad, u can make a c# proj.......maybe this is the c# solution?
  10. fgopl

    PAlib or libnds?

    i tried looking at that google link, but that didnt work. i might find the answer though
  11. fgopl

    PAlib or libnds?

    I am trying to begin developing for the nintendo DS, and the first thing i did was visit the palibdev wiki..... so, i followed the instructions, all of them. but i don't know how to actually use palib in my code! i tried everything, and then i went to libnds. i then realized that there was only a documentation, and community to hep with that.... so, i went back to palibdev, and this time , the forum. but, i have to wait 2 days before i can post in the forum! so, screw that. i have settled in libnds. now please, can someone explain how to use libnds in my app? ps are there any ds developing platforms that use c#? i have used c# since the age of 7 years(i am 12, so 5 years of experience), so c# would be much more cozy for me. AND HOW DO I USE LIBNDS OR PALIB IN VISUAL STUDIO!
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