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  1. Couple of pointers.   1. Keep your subs informed! If you can't keep a regular scheduled with your series than at least release weekly updates (Even if you are just commenting on your videos). They don't need to be long but people tend to freak out when you don't release regularly.   2. Pre-program. Don't program on the fly know what you are going to do and know that it will work. Not to say it needs to be 100% bug free but you should already know what bugs you are going to get and use fixing them as a way to teach.   3. Skip the beginner keep it intermediate. While beginner friendly is okay, there should be no need to explain simple if, else if, statements. To be honest when you are talking about networking you need to weed out the people that have no business doing it. Also it takes valuable time to explain and that time, for the purposes of what you are trying to accomplish, is better used when it is directed at the intermediate skill level.   I like what you are doing keep up the good work!! 
  2. sakocs

    Guidance for my son...

    I would suggest you stay away from anything that shortcuts the basics. Yeah Unity and other such programs are great and can teach him a lot. But, can cause a lot of harm at the same time. What I suggest is you get him interested in just pure programming. Java would be an excellent language for him to learn as it is not terribly difficult to learn and it can be treated as a blank canvas for his imagination. Also understand that he may not want to be a game developer in the future, and by teaching him Java you can open him up to a much larger world outside of games. 
  3. Well I can tell you one thing your code needs a LOT of work. There were so many small mistakes in it. Like improper brackets {}, spelling, semi-colons ; and more.    I fixed all of the errors and this will compile BUT it will not do anything at all...   My suggestion is that you do things in smaller steps   1: learn how to create a window 2: learn how to make an object 3:learn how to make it move.   Also FIX ERRORS (when possible) AS THEY APPEAR IN THE IDE! Don't let them stack up you see a red ! or line or whatever in your code work to fix it. package javagame; import java.awt.Graphics; import java.awt.event.KeyAdapter; import java.awt.event.KeyEvent; import javax.swing.JFrame; @SuppressWarnings("serial") public class JavaGame extends JFrame{ public int x, y; public class AL extends KeyAdapter { public void keyPressed (KeyEvent e) { int keyCode = e.getKeyCode(); if(keyCode == e.VK_LEFT){ x--; } if(keyCode == e.VK_RIGHT){ x++; } if(keyCode == e.VK_UP){ y--; } if(keyCode == e.VK_DOWN){ y++; } } public void keyReleased(KeyEvent e) { } public void JavaGame(){ AL key = new AL(); addKeyListener(key); setTitle("Java Game"); setSize(250, 250); setResizable(false); setVisible(true); setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE); x = 150; y = 150; } public void paint(Graphics g){ g.fillOval(x, y, 15, 15); repaint(); } } public static void main(String[] args){ new JavaGame(); } }
  4. sakocs

    Steve Ballmer leaves Microsoft

    Yeah, I tend to agree more so if MS are going to push out major updates more often, and this is where the whole 'vote with your wallet' thing would hopefully kick in as MS would have sales numbers to work with; if they see all their upgrades happened in that promotion window then I dare say a bean counter somewhere will work out that running it at that point all the time might be a good idea. Of course if they continued to do a brisk trade (for upgrades) at the full price then, well, the market apparently says 199.99 ISN'T overpriced.       Yes you are absolutely 100% correct the market has repeatedly told Microsoft "shut up and take my money". But Microsoft needs to also understand that the entire market has changed rapidly in just the last few years. Smartphone and tablet sales are currently larger than pc and this trend not going to slow down. People are starting to look at computers as nothing more than typewriters. Unless you actually have business on a computer you have no reason to own one anymore. Poor writing I need coffee 
  5. sakocs

    Steve Ballmer leaves Microsoft

      I see your point the fact is a small promotion is not the solution. A 199.99 upgrade is well overpriced given that windows is on a lot of computers around the world.
  6. sakocs

    Steve Ballmer leaves Microsoft

      I do not see this happening anytime soon. Some Linux distros are quite good but they all have a learning curve that the masses are not going to want to adapt to. IMO Linux distros are all one big cluster F!! there are just too many (and a lot of them bad) to ever create a viable replacement to windows.    In all honesty Microsoft needs to adapt to the modern market and redesign their payment systems. The fact is no one wants to keep shoving out over a hundred dollars for a new OS every couple of years. Microsoft needs to learn that free can earn them more money if done correctly. I say Windows home should be free, Pro 20 bucks, and Ultimate 45 bucks. This should be pushed though to all of their products. They have earned quite the reputation being as nothing more than a company that only wants to take you for every dollar you have (A good note on this is that is the goal for every company but when the masses recognize it it becomes a bad thing). 
  7. sakocs

    EverQuest Next

    Other than the Voxel engine they are using I am personally interested in the AI. It sounds like it will be cool idk anyone know of anything that comes close to this?
  8. sakocs

    Untiy3D Help!

    my guess is   var Damage ;int = 50;  should be   var Damage :int = 50;    always check for typos first.
  9. sakocs

    Need help for how to start

    I would suggest you go with Unity as you are talking about going iOS/android and Unity will allow you to do this without having to re-code. While it is not c++ (javaScript,c#) it has a lot of support and if you already have knowledge of javaScript I don't see any reason why you would not be able to "pick it back up". The biggest problem with Unity for your particular application is the price. You can start for free and even make games for free but, (please correct me if I am wrong folks) to be able to publish to smartphones you will need to pay for a licence. As for your questions. Am I wasting my time learning C++? Should I learn Java or Objective-C? >>It is up to you honestly C++ is still a great language and if you find it fun stick with it and find a engine that will work for you.I recently found the Cocos2d-x engine which I could use to code in C++ and be multiplatform. This sounds ideal but it seems that there is a very small amount of tutorials/help/books available for this engine. Is this likely to become more popular? >>I can not say as it is open source/2d and their are other more popular engines I would guess that its popularity is not going to explode anytime soon. Would regular Cocos2d guides be usable at all?>>If you understand them than yes, else no.Would the right way to learn be to get a fairly good understanding of C++ (or an alternative language) and then to move onto mastering the engine, then finally attempt to make my game/app?>>I would say this is the best way all too often people get excited and jump into an engine without knowing anything, untimely this hurts them. Its like learning to drive in a race car on a racetrack yeah you get good a making left turns but outside that track you have no idea on what to do in a car. hope I helped
  10. sakocs

    Advice needed

    I would say go with real recipes as there are many simple ones out there and will add an extra level of learning to your game. Good Luck.
  11. sakocs

    Ambition, starting from ZERO

    In no way do you want this to be your first project. Untimely you will find out and fast that it is a ton of work that you will not be able to handle.   as for steps   1 Choose a language to learn. C++, Java. There are more but honestly just pick one and stick to it.    2. Learn it! Most important. There are many resources online to learn the basics of a language and best of all they are all FREE!   3. Start small. build your skills with smaller games like Pong, Tetris ect.. you will learn a lot making clones of the simple stuff.   Yes there are many more points to hit but as they say you must crawl before you run. Keep at it and you will get there someday.
  12. You sound a lot like me.   Just gotta give it time and learn all of the basics.  
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