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  1. Wow... Just swithced to eastl::string from my old string template class with surprisingly few problems. #Gamedev #Merlin3D
  2. Finally! Text scene nodes are working now. :-) #Merlin3D #opengl #gamedev http://t.co/A2RgCmcPDL
  3. FPS Character Crouching: http://t.co/Kzu36U3NoI @YouTube által
  4. Dead Cyborg 2 is about to launch in a week: https://t.co/D16NbPTdcC
  5. I can nicely debug #Merlin3D #Lua scripts with #Decoda while game is running. Fantastic job guys! :-) #Gamedev #Naturalselection
  6. I hope you'll like it. :)
  7. Found a workaround for a #SWIG bug: it did not exposed some member functions from base classes to #Lua. An older version solved the problem.
  8. Eliminated a lot of warnings, refactored some old code, optimized some other. Still looking for possible improvements... :-)
  9. Features

  10. Shadow Maps on Omnidirectional Lights http://t.co/H1u99Hwb
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