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  1. I think it might be interesting to incorporate the monsters you capture and breed into the quests. Perhaps you could have a mole-type critter that is good at digging up fields and getting them ready to be seeded (i.e. Harvest Moon...but with a twist). Or a flying creature that could help repair damaged roofs (how cool would it be to have a dragon...that fixes houses?). I think it would be a lot of fun if the player could take control of the critters and do the work (or for lazier players, just send the monsters to complete the quests and reap the rewards). Just my two cents. This game does sound like a lot of fun though. I'd definitely play it too.
  2. Velcro

    Royalty Question

    Ok so after some more negotiating I am getting 5% of royalties based off of sales of the game (so every unit sold, I get 5%). They are putting together a contract for me to look over and sign. If it doesn't include something about me getting the rights back if they don't release the game, I'm going to fight to get that added in. I'm going to ask for the option to work on novels or screenplays for the idea too. Really appreciate the input, it's very helpful.
  3. ...that is the question. When you write your game scripts, do you outline first or just go with the flow? I typically just write but I'm finding it easier to write a rough draft outline and then flesh it out from there.
  4. Velcro

    Royalty Question

    Thanks for the feedback.
  5. Velcro

    Royalty Question

    The company is called Dragonbite Studios. They are a game designer but this is one of two projects they're working on (nothing released yet). The guy I am in contact with says I am being hired as lead writer for the game so I won't be doing actual game design. I do think the addition of having to write the game design doc is a lot more work than just writing the story and character progression so I feel like I should ask for more than 2% royalties. I wish they would pay me hourly but no they said only a small lump sum upfront or royalties. We are in negotiations so I feel I could benefit more by going the royalty route. A friend of mine also in the game business says I should ask for 5%.
  6. Velcro

    Royalty Question

    So I'm in negotiation with an independent PC game designing company and I have some questions that I can't really ask them so I thought I'd try these forums. Here's the situation: - They want to hire me on as the main game writer (story, dialogue, etc.) for their newest RPG on PC - They're willing to pay me a small upfront sum or a royalty percentage of 2% - They want to own the rights to the story - They want me to write the game design document as well I'm a little new to all of this but writing the script for the story, the game design document and allowing them to own the rights to the story seems a bit much for a meager 2%. I'm thinking about asking for 5%. If you were in my shoes, what would you do?
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