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  1. ?????? ?? ? ??????? DX11 ????????? ? ???????? ?? ???? ????????, ???????, ?????????????)
  2. Hi everybody. When I minimize my dx11 window, there is 2-3 pause. I found this in SDK tutorials samples, but not in samples, written on DXUT. Here is video. [media][/media] My friends have this problem 50/50 My config: Win7 2 GB DD3 Radeon 5600 HD Series Intel Core i3 (2.93) Does anybody know what's wrong with tutorials code? P.S. Sorry my english. I am from Russia.
  3. LaudaDAgnus

    Alberta online

  4. ?????? ??????, ????????? ?? ??????????? ?????????. http://t.co/bLyPWHGI
  5. ?????? ??????? ??????????? ????????? http://t.co/xIqBZ9e1
  6. LaudaDAgnus


    Welcome to Alberta Online Development Journal. We are the russian development team. Working on the project called "Alberta online". There are russian development page http://www.gamedev.r...orum/?id=144694 and russian community http://www.gamedev.r...munity/alberta/ A few words about game Title: Alberta online (operating name) Genre: MMORPG Development Technologies: DirectX 9, C + +, HLSL, WinSock Tools: MS Visual Studio 2010 Express, Blender3D, GIMP Camera: third person with a free camera around the player Platform: Windows (linux server) Description: MMORPG with a slope of PvP. The game world is free to move upon, pumping through the arena. The setting - the future, industrial style. Features: Leveling through PvP (not only) Opportunity to own houses Work on the objects Reflexes are more important than money Feature list (russian) [font="verdana, arial, sans-serif"]http://www.gamedev.r...ticles/?id=5721[/font] Team Programmer Artists Writers 3D-Artist Level Designer Game Designer Composer Selected solutions for the development of - DirectX 9, HLSL 2.0 - The engines do not use - DB type - file (tentative) - . X format models (may be in the future will our custom Format + Blender3D exporter) - For sound planning pays unlimited account http://soundsnap.com Total current task - Create the first demo - demonstration of the battle mechanism. Materials: Screenshots gallery https://www.gamedev.net/gallery/album/279-alberta-online/ Map Editor http://www.gamedev.r...m/?id=151357#m0 Download link [font="verdana, arial, sans-serif"]http://z-prog.info/d...ad/editor05.rar[/font] (.NET Framework 4.0, DirectX 9 and vc_redist needed) The current version of client Download link http://z-prog.info/d...ad/client17.rar Main topic of client versions http://www.gamedev.r...orum/?id=150620 My contacts icq: 625-012-717 skype: tilk1988 mail: z-prog@yandex.ru Expectations for this topic: - Constructive criticism - Search for the new participants in this project - Identify bugs in the software - Wishes of good luck;)
  7. [color=#1C2837][size=2]A better way to handle key input may be to put the form in control.[/quote] I don't understand this... How can I do this? May be just call Form::Keydown method in keydown event of TreeView (and in other controls, that can be active)? It's will be norm?
  8. thanks! no more sound with [color="#1C2837"]e.SuppressKeyPress = true; on each key. [color="#1C2837"] [color="#1C2837"]this is norm? [color="#1C2837"] [color="#1C2837"]private: System::Void treeView1_KeyDown(System::Object^ sender, System::Windows::Forms::KeyEventArgs^ e) { switch(e->KeyCode) { case Keys::W : e->SuppressKeyPress = true; Scene.Editor.wp = true; break; case Keys::S : e->SuppressKeyPress = true; Scene.Editor.sp = true; break; case Keys::A : e->SuppressKeyPress = true; Scene.Editor.ap = true; break; case Keys: : e->SuppressKeyPress = true; Scene.Editor.dp = true; break; } } private: System::Void treeView1_KeyUp(System::Object^ sender, System::Windows::Forms::KeyEventArgs^ e) { switch(e->KeyCode) { case Keys::W : Scene.Editor.wp = false; break; case Keys::S : Scene.Editor.sp = false; break; case Keys::A : Scene.Editor.ap = false; break; case Keys: : Scene.Editor.dp = false; break; } }
  9. ????? ?????? ???????. ????????? ??????????? ? ????? ????? ? ???? ????????????? ???. (4.3 MB) http://t.co/dx3isaG http://t.co/EFmFhXr
  10. ? ??? ? ?????? ???-?????? +100 ? ?????? http://t.co/4SRAgeS
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