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    what technologies to use

    What you think are the possible technologies that were used to create duelingnetwork[dot]com? Also could you suggest any good online resources/books, for a beginner, in order to make something similar to it yourself?
  2. brbbit

    Need resources and legal advice

    Could someone atleast link to some good book(s) for a beginner? Also, any idea what technologies were used to create duelingnetwork?
  3. brbbit

    Need resources and legal advice

    I already have a team of three, plus me, and they are willing to do this just for the heck of it. There's absolutely no place for money in this project, it's purely hobby driven. I know that might not matter at all, if it's a hobby, but we're still determined to create the program atleast for our own interests. We're not even talking about the donate button, which duelingnetwork recently made available to their users. Don't ask or tell me about "Oh, but how will you pay for the hosting and that other crap?". Don't worry about that last part. All the UI art-style is done, it looks much more cleaner and simpler compared to the duelingnetwork[dot]com. But there's really not much to it. The only artwork that will matter(stand out) will be the cards' images themselves. We decided to create and populate the card database ourselves. The images/pictures of the actual cards though will be grabbed from a third party online database website, that is not in any way associated with the actual franchise owners. There was a hot debate about the players following the rules of the game themselves(what most of these types of games do) versus implementing an actual rules engine(usually standalone, commercial). It was decided that for now we would stick with the first one, but later on perhaphs make the second one an option. As for the polishing. It will be done by ourselves plus any other people that would be happy to participate when the project would reach closed beta. There's really no way to benefit from exploiting the game anyways. But aside from all of that, could somebody provide worthy resources that will get this project to closed beta?
  4. brbbit

    Need resources and legal advice

    It's not that I want to hide from lawsuits/cease and desist by not using my name, I simply don't want to use my name. If I get in any trouble though with the franchise rightful owners then, sure, I'll shut down the website. As for impacting the revenue, I doubt that it will happen because after all, serious people prefer having the real thing when it comes to TCG. Players who buy the cards will keep buying them for apparent reasons, and those who want to play the TCG but don't want to buy any of the cards will never attempt to play/buy the real thing so there's really no lost sales/revenue for the big guys.
  5. Basically it's going to be a duelingnetwork[dot]com clone, but for a different TCG. For somebody who's never had any exposure to Flash+AS3 developing online multiplayer games, what resources would you suggest in order to make this small project a possibility? Also I've got a couple of questions regarding the legal part of the matter: 1. How duelingnetwork[dot]com isn't getting sued by the actual creators of the franchise? What should I stay clear off to not to get dragged into a lawsuit after finishing the project and puting it up on the web? 2. I don't want to register the website for the game under my or any other indivudual's name. What are my options on that? That's about it.
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