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  1. Berkay

    Post your desktop (2014)

    if you want use this background: http://i.hizliresim.com/Ml0rq2.jpg  
  2. Good game is series of interesting choices. Sid Meier
  3. Actually we are all Guybrush..
  4. Berkay

    Portraits and stuff

    wooow! its incredible!! Keep Work !
  5. Berkay

    sdl help

    try, cut (SDL folders) bin/include.
  6. Amatör oyunlar?n?z için destek mi ar?yorsunuz? Tam yerindesiniz! http://8bitfunding.com/index.php
  7. It's Hard To Live!
  8. Berkay

    Lemma Release 1!

    its realy nice
  9. if you are big tree we are the small axe we are shapping we are ready to cut down
  10. Berkay

    What Books Are Recommended

    I'd recommend programming game ai by example(currently i'm reading, realy nice book)
  11. Berkay

    Classic RPG #1 - Task 3 - Update 3

    it looks nice!
  12. Berkay

    Engine of choice

    I'd recommend try 3D Game Studio but language is lite-c and similar C++ but easy to learn its language. Its appropriate for making FPS game! and 3DGS is realy flexible! -3DGS using physX -enough tutorial -3DGS has Model editor, level editor and script editor -Need to buy the pro version for shader, for hide data folder etc. [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]-i think big community[/font]
  13. Berkay

    Dukandia - Character Selection Preview

    i like it
  14. Berkay

    Dukandia - This week's progress

    Realy good, keep it I am waiting next video
  15. Berkay

    what i have to learn to develop a game ?

    If you want make easy way 3D game, you learn 3D Game Studio or Unity or UDK... But if you want write Directx, Opengl... You must start 2D game i am using 3DGS if you want start tutorials here: http://tutorial.3dgamestudio.net/ and i learn Directx, my advice if you want make your game with Directx, firstly you must learn C++, later my advice buy Beginning DirectX 11 Game Programming book.
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