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    autodesk free software

    autodesk is awesome, they just launched a new program for students to download full versions of their software for learning purposes, and as I was reading this information I was downloading a autodesk torrent LOL. Deleted and did it the legit way. It's easy, just create a login for autodesk. I'm teaching myself 3D modeling which fits into my level design. software like this is needed and I am greatful for companies like autodesk that offer people who cannot afford college or $4,000 worth of software to learn something.
  2. commoname

    teach me c++ i'll pay!

    Looking for someone that knows how to teach others and has a strong side for c++ I want to learn the basics so I can move up to creating my own games 2d/3d I am willing to pay, can't afford college >_<
  3. commoname

    Question about game design

    I live in Arizona, I have read bits and pieces, been busy. By networking you mean find a team that is working on a project and try to land a position?
  4. commoname

    Question about game design

    Well I just recently decided I wanted to be part of the industry, never really thought about it as a career as I have been selling cars for 3 years. I would just do it in my free time, have been for years. I am 23 years old.
  5. commoname

    Question about game design

    thank you for all the info Tom. I have a massive profolio, just don't have the money to go to school. Ive learned most of what I know by myself. If I were to learn everything I can by myself including coding does anyone think its possible to get into the game industry without a college degree? >_<
  6. I'm a level designer, no not in the biz just for fun but I really want to get into the game industry. I want to become a level designer in the game industry. Must I know any types of programming or would others create my engines for me to create upon? Here is some work I did a few years back using Hammer(half life engine) http://www.gamebanana.com/maps/73698 Its a cs source remake of Chillout from Halo 1 lol
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