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  1. Hi there, after some years of silence i now will have the time again to do some serious hobby game dev. I am a OpenGL / 3D / 2D Expert and can code almost any landuage. For some serious hobby game dev i am looking for 1 stable person to join me. Best case , you are an artist in 2d or 3d and/or have some game idea. I am open to any kind of game that the 2 of us can finisch. Find some stuff from / about me here: https://www.youtube.com/user/uwi2k2/videos cu kai
  2. Hi there, i am a Programmer for 20 years and a OpenGL Trainer. I am looking for a "grown up" / "reasonable" Artist/Designer that is willing to work on a Game with me. I can do any kind of Programming , so your Part may be any kind of Design and/or Gameideas .. but i am open here. Sadly the last Artist i worked with had no more time for the Project, so maybe you wanne join me. We were working on a 2d TopDown Game in Pixel style, but i am open to any game idea that we can do in a 2 man team. I like to work on a 2 people team, as all the other big Projects always seem to end up in chaos. would be happy to hear from you. regards kai i attach some screens from the last game project:
  3. Hi all, for a game project we ( 1 designer + 1 coder ) are on, we are looking for a writer. It is a tile based top down arpg / rpg. The basic setting is clear but we need someone with writing skills to make it a real story. Pls don´t get me wrong, but we are looking for someone 30+ years people, as we take this serious although its a hobby stress free project. There is absolutely NO MONEY in this project, its just for the fun of it ! Here is some stuff to give you an idea what we are doing: http://apoon.de/viggo_art_2.jpg http://apoon.de/viggo_test.mp4 thanx kai
  4. Short update on A.I. movement , hidden movement screen , replicator database and the first person view.
  5. Hi all, i just started my dev diary again. Its just a demo of the current status: cu kai
  6. KaiNiklas

    Minority 7 - WebGL Isometric Roundbased Game

    löl ... yess those images don´t look isometric ... as i just made some character tests in blender.. will be like this [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7098]
  7. KaiNiklas

    Minority 7 - WebGL Isometric Roundbased Game

    hi there,   thanx for feedback ! yes he is holding a alien gun .. its not propper textured jet ..  
  8. KaiNiklas

    Minority 7

    Minority 7 WebGL Game
  9. KaiNiklas

    Minority 7 - WebGL Isometric Roundbased Game

    yessss you are right !!!
  10. Hi all, i just picked up again the work on my homage to the old xcom games. I just started to put the 3d models together and use them in my self written webgl engine. Its impressive how fast you can make progress in java-script. Still i need a good 3d low poly style modeler to make it really look nice, but in the meantime i am making good progress in game dev.
  11. hi, i am offering a free online workshop for opengl beginners: http://www.opengl2go.net/2015/10/27/free-opengl-online-workshop/  
  12. Hi all, i just stared a Podcast on OpenGL and related Topics like WebGL and Vulkan. You can find it on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/de/podcast/opengl-vulkan-podcast/id1047136194?l=en I will try to provide a new episode every week. If you have a wish for a topic, pls write me ! For those who are going to answer with negative attitude to this post: i am sacreficing my free time to help people i dont know for free ... so rethink you post twice ! cu uwi2k2  
  13. hi.. you may use normals , or other aatributes.. e.g. the normals are pointing 90 degree away from the actual surface normal.. so if the normal gets interpolated over the surface  you only draw the border color where the dot product between surface normal and 'additional' normal is 0. by that you can make a smooth border.   cu uwi2k2
  14. hi,   you may get close to what you need with: https://www.opengl.org/sdk/docs/man2/xhtml/glDrawPixels.xml But i guess to have a simple shader and just draw one pixel to the FBO should be a better futuresave apporche ..   cu uwi2k2
  15. hi,   still its not enough info. but 2 ideas:   1. it is a js problem as you always may have the same reference to one object ... chck by outputting to console if in the 2 mesh array you really see diffrent vertex data.   2. in your render loop you are not setting the attrib pointer to the vbo correctly .. or not resetting at all ... it must be like     - bind vbo 1     - set attrib pointers     - draw nr 1     ----------------     - bind vbo 2     - set attrib pointers     - draw nr 2 you may add more / real code for better help   cu uwi2k2
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