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    Starting 2D from scratch

    Not a problem   I'm new to using xCode so it may be something I'm using wrong within there. When I go to test the code I am just clicking the 'Run' button the the top left corner instead of via command line.   Is this something I would need to set up?
  2. Puggy

    Starting 2D from scratch

    Following the instructions on http://lazyfoo.net/SDL_tutorials/lesson01/mac/xcode/index.php and I seem to be getting two errors. Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:   "_main", referenced from:      implicit entry/start for main executable      (maybe you meant: _SDL_main) ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64 clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation) I'm still fairly new to using xCode as I previously used windows based IDEs while learning. I would guess that a library has been missed however I have followed every step from the guide word for word so nothing should be missing.   Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Puggy

    Starting 2D from scratch

    Hey Talisson,   Thanks for the reply, that looks great!   I'm slowly working through this and unfortunately I'm tied to a macbook at the moment so I'm using the xCode method which is a little confusing. Lets get learning! =D
  4. So after struggling with Unity 3D games I'm going to start fully from scratch with a simple 2D game. However I am looking to do this without using an existing engine as looking at Unity, this seems to have a large file size for something so simple.   I've ben struggling to find any decent guides on making a 2D game from scratch that isn't a side-scroller. I would like to work on a top-down numbers based game with procedurally generated planets (of sorts). Can somebody point me in the right direction of how to start something like this?   I've been able to find articles on things like creating tile-sets but nothing that links it all together to create your own engine.
  5. Puggy

    Need help getting back on track

    Brilliant. Thanks for your suggestions! My main concern is that I would like to eventually learn to use ocean environments and so would like to learn to use an appropriate engine from the get go for when I'm ready. I can't really find anything to help work with oceans and would really like to hear any suggestions that may be able to help towards this.   I've mainly been working with Unity which only has 2 pre-set water terrains in the free version and a few more advanced ones however doesn't fully explain how to work with varying environments.
  6. Are there any decent online articles that could help with this instead?
  7. Hey guys, I was hoping that I may be able to get some help getting myself back on track. I have had an idea for a game for the past 5-6 years and it has been driving me mad, I haven't been able to find anything that meets the game exactly but I have found a few games similar.. However.. These have just added to my idea and are making me more impatient to want to make this game.   So a little about me to hopefully help get an idea of where I need to go. I learnt to use Visual Basic at college and went on to start learning C# and C++ (Primarily console applications for the latter two). There is very little work or schooling around my area that helps beginners learn to create games and so I am doing the next best thing (I think) and I'm working as a web developer. I love working with PHP and find this pretty easy and similar to C++.   I've attempted to start learning game development a few times however I either keep getting distracted by other important issues or just hit a wall and get too stressed to continue. I'm not the best at working with graphics however I do have one or two people that I may be able to convince to help me with a larger project if I can create something semi-decent to show them, when the time comes.   I understand that the project I have in mind will take a lot of time even for a large team however it is something I am really motivated to do and hope to get a foundation on before I recruit others to help with it. So-long as I at least make a good attempt I will be able to tell myself I tried.   The game I have in mind is an open world MMO pirate based game with real life aspects such as crafting and fishing allowing people to choose their own style and story. Yes yes, this is why I feel it won't be complete however I would like to at least try. I have been following a few tutorials and videos on both gamedev.net, youtube and a few other sites and they have been pretty useful, but I am unsure if they fully meet my needs.   The one thing that I always hear is start small, and I agree, everybody starts from the bottom. I'm not sure where my bottom is though and would like some help finding where the bottom is. I've been working in Unity and trying to create an ocean environment in there and add a controllable ship. I've also already created a simple(ish) C++ multi player environment with two cubes moving around a plain connecting from different PCs.   The project that I have in mind could be broken down massively. Like I could work on creating a simple checkers game as this is also something I would like to implement. But I'm not sure Unity is the way to go. I don't have that much money to sink into the project just yet and so can't/don't want to (until I'm certain of what to use) spend a fortune on software.   The closest for play style I have found is Assassin's Creed: Black Flag with the ships been effected by various weather types and having storms etc.. Within Unity I haven't been able to find much help working with environments that will deal with oceans and ships. Does anybody have any recommendations of what I could look at using to work towards adding oceans? If I could figure out the perfect program for me I may be able to look at the project in more depth and work out the smaller projects.   Also if there are any guides that may be able to help this would be great. The guides I have seen have one main flaw. They either cater for the beginner (this is an if statement...) or the advanced. There is no middle ground to help connect the two dots and this is mainly where I keep falling down.   Sorry for the massive post, I would just really like to make some progress on this.
  8. Thanks for creating this Article. I have only being porgraming in Visual Basics will collage for under a year. I'd have to say that i agree that VB is dieing/dead because i cant find anything that will run with VB. As you've suggested ive downloaded C# and will learn how to program in it. And as for the intended target for the Article, i don't plan on becoming a game developer. I would just like to learn how to to add the skill to my "can do" list. Also i need a new hobby. Other than the C# program its self, will i need to download any other programs, if so which and what do you recomend? I also have a partner who wants to work on graphics and i hope to work on coding. Is there anything that he will need to learn or get started on? As you have said there are a lot of sources online to learn how to code. Are there any guides that you can recomend the most?? Thanks in advance -Pug
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