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  1. Does anyone know or have a qualified guess as to which graphics API is used for the Football Manager games?  
  2. Can I have an SDL application with directX graphics within it? If so, how?
  3. Burnskagen

    d3dx10math.h not found?

    What should be used instead then?
  4. Burnskagen

    d3dx10math.h not found?

  5. So I am using this tutorial: http://www.rastertek.com/dx11tut03.html The file d3dx10math.h doesn't seem to exist, which causes some errors. What should I use instead?
  6. Burnskagen

    Hiring OpenGL teacher [PAYING 10$]

    Not sure what you mean, but I have a book. There is a huge jump from theory to action and full understanding though.
  7. I need some tutorials on openGL that do not use deprecated code. Thanks in advance if you know any.
  8. Burnskagen

    Hiring OpenGL teacher [PAYING 10$]

    I am not interested in a school course, but someone giving me some directions over skype or something. I see where you are going though.
  9. Ok, so I need someone to teach me some OpenGL, because I feel that I do not have the understanding I need to make a good game in it. I already know C++ and OOP, although I may be unsure some times, I feel that I am rather fluid in the language. I know basic 3d maths, and I know the basics of the library openGL. Would anybody be willing to help me? Join me in a chat and explain to me how I write a loader for example? Step by step? I will pay you 10$ over paypal once I successfully have achieved the following: * Know how to make shaders and apply them to the program * understand how to draw and manipulate the view, the lightning, the textures, the models and so on. * Know how to make a loader to load files from blender into openGL and use the models there * Maybe some small things I come up with later, but if it is too big you can deny.
  10. Burnskagen

    Second blender model

    Ok ;) Thanks for the tip
  11. Burnskagen

    Second blender model

    Ok thanks, I will do that
  12. Burnskagen

    Second blender model

    I have now learned proper texturing and generally improved my skills. Here is a lockpick I made: What do you think? Am I making progress? Here is the original thing which I made the textures of, and that I used as reference: http://bb.xieke.com/files/DSC02038.jpg
  13. Burnskagen

    My first ever render

    That is true about the keys. I guess there is a bumpmap function I do not know how to use yet but I will learn so soon.
  14. Burnskagen

    Beginner: Blender models in OpenGL apps

    Save it to disk in a format of your choice, then load and parse the file in your application. Most commonly used formats are well documented and many even have libraries you can download that will handle the loading and parsing for you. Thats about as much help as you can get unless you specify what format you want to use. [/quote] I don't know, which format would be smartest? I don't need the lighting or the camera, but I want to store everything else, so that the objects can become part of a scene composed within the openGL app.
  15. I realize that this has been asked about before, as I spent a long time searching google, as well as the forum for an answer, but all of the ones I found relied on amounts of knowledge that exceed mine. Therefore I make a thread of my own. I have created a model in blender and I wish to use it in my OpenGL application. Can someone please explain to me how I would do this, and keep in mind that I am a beginner? I would be grateful.
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