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  1. Girl: "Men are all the same..." (*Me, thinking*) Really? Who told you to try them all?
  2. Can I download money? I need some!
  3. This is madness! My feed is invaded with green squares. You guys are awesome! ^_^
  4. I like Stuhlinger's words on this subject.   That does sound like a solid argument. And it is! Thank you for sharing it; very well said. However, there's a small problem: USA it's not the Earth, as a whole. While that count in the story is free to spend his money anyway he wants (Who is John Galt?) and NASA's budget can only be directed to a specific goal, my issue is that Earth as a whole doesn't do enough to fight poverty in third world countries.   When Bregma stated, "Imagine using our collective wealth for advancing humanity instead of trying to destroy it." I was thinking to Earth as a whole, all countries, and not to NASA specifically. In your mentioned article there was also the subject of stimulation of technological development, and generation of scientific knowledge. I believe we do this very well onboard the SSI right now. I even believe we can do this here on Earth by setting up laboratories throughout the desert and giving scientists the opportunity to research new technologies. It's also safer.   These people would also be pioneers and WOULD help advancing humanity. Occasionally cut supplies, input new events, force them to build a self-sustainable colony for themselves. Think of it as a reality show... Give these men a lot of money to participate and yet it would be less costly than actually sending a spaceship to Mars. Besides, there is still much to learn from living under the sea. Our oceans should be the next logical step for colonization since they're enormous, you can use blue-green algae to feed the population and there's an abundance of hydrogen and oxygen available. Colonizing other planets seems only logical for spreading human life, for making sure we continue to exist in case of a global, catastrophic event. Still, I will repeat myself, I would go to Mars if given the opportunity.
  5.   Hey, here's an idea: how about using our collective wealth for feeding starving kids in Africa?!?   Sorry about that, but I tend to become highly annoyed when people want to reach other planets at the cost of willingly ignoring their neighbors. It's like caring more for a dog than for a human being, a homeless guy for e.g.   Regardless, I find this topic very interesting and will continue to follow it. I also find FLeBlanc's arguments to be very good; he seems like a guy who knows what he's talking about...
  6. While trying to "like" a specific topic, I noticed I cannot click the "Post to Facebook" button because of the overlapping logos.     I eventually pressed TAB and then ENTER to share the topic, but still, I think you should fix this. I'm using Firefox 18.
  7. Oberon, last time I was in school, I learned that water can be obtained by mixing Oxygen with Hydrogen. Correct me if I'm wrong... Now, I am not very good at science, but if you have those on a space colony, couldn't you make water? Of course, I am just asking, since I am unaware of what amounts (maybe huge?) of O2 and H would be needed.   Besides, by growing plants we could get breathable oxygen. But again, I am not sure about how feasible is having a garden in space without any gravity on board...
  8. A very interesting article about what a trip to Mars could mean for astronauts: http://news.sciencemag.org/sciencenow/2013/01/mars-mission-could-turn-astronau.html based on the Mars500 mission simulation in Moscow, which ended in November 2011. Six crewmen (an international mix of astronaut trainers, engineers, and doctors between 27 and 38 years old) stayed in a series of tunnellike chambers and played out the 520-day mission to Mars.
  9. @TheFriend: I personally think your characters need shadows, at least one dark value. Also, the red girl is out of place, so to speak. Either leave the hair red and change the cloths color OR change the hair color and leave the "armor" red.   @BagelHero: Thanks a lot for the DotA 2 Character Art Guide link. It's really an art gem! ;)
  10. There is nothing more epic than this...   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4H0JDomv8ac   I remember I was almost crying at that scene, I got goosebumps all over my skin... It's really one of the most empowering song ever created.
  11. Almost all successful iOS games are cartoony. People prefer cartoons because they are funny and somehow different, meaning allowing a great deal of artistic expression, individualization for the game, so to speak. I would suggest you go with a cartoon look for your sci-fi game.
  12.   That's actually an awesome idea, Dasha! I imagine this as extra lines in NPC's dialogue window. Instead of having arrows on the MiniMap for example, that point toward a quest item, why not ask the NPCs and use your brain a little? Really great idea! :)
  13. I just realized that, while we are all talking about whether or not we would go to live on Mars, there's no way to apply. Where can I apply for this amazing journey? Also, anyone can go or only the smartest and healthiest? Spiro, did you applied already for the trip?
  14. Blind Radish, fighting creatures in groups and "understanding" them feels to me like grinding, which I hate doing. I'd rather go with Theis_Bane idea with rewarding the character with anything but experience for finishing a quest. :)
  15. Yet, it's likely that a colony on Mars would be built underground to avoid surface radiation: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn22520-mars-is-safe-from-radiation--but-the-trip-there-isnt.html   Merry Christmas everyone! ;)