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    Android Tools and Development tutorials

    C#? Android uses a variation of Java for the SDK and C/C++ for the NDK(works via the JNI, requires a java layer). You'd have to find a tool that can convert C# code to those.
  2. MarcusMaximus04

    Android's Soundpool-like interface for PC?

    Thanks. FMod is a bit too expensive for me(I'm a single, independent developer and this is for a commercial product), but irrKlang is looking like it might just work. Maybe... though after looking through their API a bit, it seems to be missing some of the functionality I'm looking for(just being able to handle 3d sound myself by varying volume to left/right channels individually and being able to control pitch directly), and instead implements all the features for you, which doesn't really work with my current sound implementation(I'm trying to keep the android and pc code the same as much as humanly possible) Also, I *was* hoping for a free-to-use package, but I suppose that might be an impossibility outside the mobile app realm. If so, I might have to wait on the eventual PC release, until the android side can build up some funds. So far, I've gotten away with not paying anything for this game and I'd like to keep it that way until I can be sure I can get a return on investment.
  3. I'm working on a cross-platform game(currently for ubuntu and Android) and I've gotten sound working exactly how I want it using SoundPool on the android side. I started working to try to port the code over to ubuntu and realized I don't know of a sound library that works like this for PC OS's. I looked around and haven't really found anything; the closest was OpenAL but that seems much more complicated and the effects I want(doppler, positional audio) seem to be accomplished by basically rendering the sound to a 3d scene, which won't work with my current implementation on the android side of things. So, I was hoping someone here might know of a decent library that works this way. Basically, I just need it to be able to load in sounds(in .ogg format, preferably), provide a function for playback that also allows for looping, can change volume for each side(left/right) and pitch(relative to the original sample's pitch) in real time. It also needs to be able to play back multiple streams simultaneously. Thanks for your help! PS. for reference, here's Android's SoundPool documentation: http://developer.android.com/reference/android/media/SoundPool.html
  4. MarcusMaximus04

    [GAME] FairSpace MMORPG in Space.

    Looks pretty good for the most part. I'm mainly a graphics person so my only real critique is on that: you might want to work a bit more on the particle system. Most of the game looks beautiful and starkly realistic but the particles look to be flat star-shaped textures. It's a bit distracting and, I think, takes away from the look of everything else in the game.
  5. MarcusMaximus04

    New Space Game

    Fairly massive update. Just to let you guys know I'm still working on this ;).
  6. MarcusMaximus04

    New Space Game

    Another status update. I now have my particle system up and running. Definitely makes the sun look a LOT better.
  7. MarcusMaximus04

    New Space Game

    I've made significant progress since last posting here so I figured I'd post an update. I now have perlin noise terrain generation for the planets working and creating randomized textures for them. I've also added a 3d model for the ship. Right now the ship is just piggybacking off one of the planet's textures until I can devote some time to making one for it. I've also tweaked the sizes of the planets and the ship. Not a big deal, just bigger planets and a smaller ship seemed right to me. I have a screenshot of the newest build running on my android phone attached to the first post.
  8. MarcusMaximus04

    New Space Game

    Sorry, didn't mean to imply that I'm using realistic values for everything. I'm just using realistic distances and masses. For the actual size of the planets and the ship, both are scaled up pretty significantly so they're actually visible in the solar system view. For the planetary view, I'll probably try to scale them to realistic values, depending on how that ends up looking/playing out. Also, for the terrain, it won't be interactive in any way, I'm just planning on using randomly generated terrain to make texture and normal maps for the planets so when you look at them, they look like real planets. This is where realistic values for size in the planetary view might end up having problems, since I obviously can't have these textures be too high of resolution. We'll see how it works out. For the last unrealistic value I can think of that I'll be using: time. At least in the solar system view, time will be fairly massively sped up, so you can actually see the planets orbit without waiting months/years in real time. I'll probably just explain away the massive amount of in-game years that'll pass by because of this with: "It's the future. People live longer."
  9. MarcusMaximus04

    New Space Game

    I've started working on a new game and decided to try to both get the word out and take a measurement of community interest. The idea came from loving older games like the Escape Velocity series and (to a somewhat lesser extent) Star Control 3. It's been a while since I've seen a new one of that genre of exploring space, dealing with a range of hostile to peaceful aliens, conquering planets, etc. and I figured those games are extremely fun and could really use an injection of more modern graphics and gameplay. My idea is along the same lines, to have the player take on the role of a human captain, initially with a weaker ship, and roam around randomly generated solar systems with groups of randomly generated aliens to act as both helpful NPC's and enemies. There'll be a kind of stellar map, showing systems that the player has discovered and where bordering systems are(ala Escape Velocity). The player can travel, in a top-down view, around the current solar system, and then it'd switch to a first-person or 3rd person(I haven't decided yet) view when they get close enough to one of the planets. Obviously, the player will later on, through some kind of standard currency and trade/looting be able to upgrade his/her ship and equipment, with a hopefully wide array of both. For the look of the planets, I'm currently thinking of using Perlin noise to randomly generate terrain, which will be used to generate both texture and normal maps. For both the stars and weapon/exhaust effects I'm planning on heavily leaning on particle effects, likely with some post-processed refraction effects based on a heat value for the particles. All the planets, ships, etc, are currently made with realistic values(i.e. I looked up standard ranges for masses of stars and planets, distances between them, etc) and use gravity based on the gravity equation to govern orbits and the like(I used the centripetal velocity equation in reverse to calculate the needed speed of the planets to keep them perfectly in orbit around the star). I'm currently doing all the work on this project myself(from the code to the art assets made in blender). I believe this project should enable me to do all the work myself, since most of the art assets will be procedurally generated, outside of the 3d models. Finally, for platforms, I'm currently doing all the development in ubuntu using OpenGL(my machine is currently running version 4.1, but, at least for now, I don't believe I'm using any features beyond 2.0) with glut and targeting both standard linux and Android(obviously without GLUT and with OpenGL ES 2.0 instead of OpenGL 4.1) simultaneously. I'd also like to release a windows version, the feasibility of which will likely depend on how easy it will be to port, though I don't foresee any major problems. Anyway, I'll try to post some screenshots as soon as I have something even remotely worthy of showing off(for the moment both my planets and ship are multicolored triangles), but thoughts? Update: So, a lot has changed. I now have fully working refraction effects working on both PC and android versions(for android only the ship's exhaust uses the refraction effects, as turning them on for the sun slows things down WAY too much). I also have now implemented a behind-the-ship mode. Right now it can be manually switched into, though in the final version, I'll likely make it just automatically switch when you get close enough to a planet. My particle effects are looking a lot better as well. Anyway, enough talk, here's some screenshots(for bigger, better versions of these, look here: https://picasaweb.google.com/MarcusMaximus04/SpaceGame?authuser=0&feat=directlink): All of these are screenshots taken from my Droid Charge android phone, as was this (admittedly, unfortunately low quality) video: [media][/media]
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