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  1. onequestion

    Stats (a quick question)

    Leave strength. Just because it has two uses doesnt mean its not as good as the others. Have you also thought of making strength more physical and tank based? Like ad more attributes and put the health to Spirit. Spirit--Mana, Mana regen, Health, Health Regen, Spell damage Agility--Attack speed, Dodge chance, Accuracy, Critical Chance Strength--Damage, Critical Damage, Endurance
  2. onequestion

    Items, Equipment and inventory

    1. Not unless the item was important or theoretically large. What I mean is, generally everything should be a similar size except like a horse or a very important multi-quest item. 2. The list looks easier, go with that. 3. Nope always inventory. Unless an important storyline, battle or unique quest is coming up always include an inventory. 4. My opinion, go with the slots. The player will have to choose the best armor or buy a better efficient one. 5. Yes, but no to the clickable. Make it a hot-key instead.
  3. onequestion

    RPG: Skill Based Character Creation

    MIGHT SKILLS [color="#0000FF"]Single-Arms Skill in using medium sized one-handed weapons, long sword, spear, warhammer, etc. - Increases damage. - Increases attack speed. - Reduces draw time. - Reduces deterioration of martial weapons. Heavy-Arms Skill in using heavy, often two-handed weapons, claymore, battle axe, pike, halberd, etc. - Increases damage. - Increases attack speed. - Reduces deterioration of heavy weapons. - [color="#0000FF"]Slightly Reduces speed penalty when using heavy weapons. Unarmed Skill in using bare-hands or gauntlets, brass knuckles. - [color="#0000FF"]Greatly Increases damage. - [color="#0000FF"]Greatly Increases attack speed. [color="#0000FF"]Looks like youve thought of everything. AGILITY SKILLS Light-Arms Skill in using light one-handed weapons, daggers, light maces, staffs, etc. - Increases damage. - Increases attack speed. - Reduces draw time. - Reduces deterioration of light weapons. Ballistic-Arms Skill in using ranged weapons, bows, crossbows, throwing daggers, javelins, etc. - Increase in damage. - Increase in range. - Faster loading/draw time. - Reduces deterioration of ballistic weapons. Acrobatics - Increase jump height/distance. - Increase climb speed. - Climb a greater variety surfaces. - Increase strafe speed, dodging. - Reduce fall damage. Stealth - Move silently. - Remain undetected when not moving. - Pick Pocket individuals. - Steal items. - Ambush attack bonus. [color="#0000FF"]Looks like youve thought of everything. ENDURANCE SKILLS Protection Skill in wearing armour. - Increase benefit of armour. - Increase benefit of shields. - Reduces speed penalty for heavier armour. - Reduces 'noise' penalty for heavier armour. - Reduces deterioration of armour. - Allows wearer to swim even with some heavier armours. [color="#0000FF"]Resilient - Increase physical toughness. - Reduces stamina loss with actions. - Increase swimming speed/breath. - Reduces effects of poison/disease. - Reduces effects of natural elements. Ferocity - Provides intimidation-based dialogue options. - Grants ferocity meter that increases with each successful melee attack. - Allows for berserker/warcry based abilities. [color="#0000FF"]Smithcraft Skill in maintaining all equipment and usage of tools, hammers, picks, wood axe, etc. - Reduces deterioration of all equipment. - Allows successful repair of equipment. - Increase chance of identifying weapons, armour, tools. - Allows for physical crafting abilities. MIND SKILLS Lore Skill in the deeper knowledge of the world. - Identify nearly all items. - Decipher ancient writings/symbols/tomes. - Use runes to create new spells. - Allows for scholarly crafting abilities. Pharmacopeia Skill in medicine, herbs and alchemy. - Identify reagents and their properties. - Identify potions. - Increased benefit from using raw reagents. - Reduces risk from using raw reagents. - Allows for potion crafting abilities. Focus Skill of ones willpower and meditative abilities. - Increase resistance to magic and mental attacks. - Increase mana recovery rate. - Increase spell casting speed. - Reduce chance of spell casting interruption. - Allows Mystic/Mental abilities. Mechanisms Skill in complex devices and mechanisms. - Ability to pick locks. - Ability to disarm traps. - Ability to use machinery. - Allows mechanical crafting abilities. [color="#0000FF"]Zoology? -Knowledge of enemy types. -Knowledge of enemy attacks. -Knowledge of enemy weaknesses. CHARISMA SKILLS [color="#0000FF"]Diplomatics - Provides diplomatic-based dialogue options. - Increases positive reaction of civilian/upperclass NPCs - Greater chance of attracting NPC followers. - Leadership/Political benefits? Guile - Provides deceptive-based dialogue options (lie, bluff, con, blackmail). - Increases positive reaction of criminal NPCs. - Greater chance of attracting NPC followers. - Unlocks 'underground/black market' connections. Mercantile - Better appraise item values. - Get better prices from merchants. - Allows commercial ventures? - Allows luxury crafting abilities. [color="#0000FF"]Performer - Allows playing of instruments, storytelling, singing abilities. - Make money with performances. - Increase positive reaction of groups of NPCs. - Spell like musical abilities. [color="#0000FF"]Scout -Finds worthy rivals to challenge -Finds capable combatants -Finds new party members MAGIC SKILLS Arcane Magic Dark Magic(?) Divine Magic Elemental Magic Natural Magic Spiritual Magic [color="#0000FF"]Tech Magic Chem Magic UNATTRIBUTED SKILL IDEAS [color="#0000FF"]Intuception - Detect hidden doors, buttons, etc. - Detect traps, hazards. - Increased hearing range (eavesdropping on conversations). - Detect creatures/NPCs. Survival - Rest safely in the wilderness. - Forage for supplies. - Increase food drop chance from hunting/fishing/gathering. - Decrease detection from animals. - Create traps. - Tame certain creatures. - Tracking abilities.
  4. onequestion

    Crafting and Magic and Skills

    So this is part of a game. MMORPG exact? I like it so far, they never let you run shops in rpgs. I dont know if everyone will feel like crafting especially since its a group effort. I never got into MMOs too much so I dont know how team interactions outside of battles work. Inflation? Like in a few other threads which people commented, people like feeling in control and this seems like a cup of tea situation. Some may like the cycles of economic wealth. Is the crafting system balanced between the 4 types? Make sure of that. The Magic learning system sound interesting. Are they equal in effort? BTW what are the other classes like? I cant 100% stand for the crafting system. I dont know if it has balance or that it is tiring to have to constantly work with others for every single item. My idea would be to balance them out and to craft for the purpose of an upgrade.
  5. onequestion

    3D Action-RPG Combat

    It sounds nice. But would someone want to sit and click the mouse all day? Also, think of the enjoyability. Is pinpoint accuracy important? I hope not, gamers would get frustrated keeping up with the action while trying to make lines and curves. Timing may also be an issue. You can press a button like Im doing now with the keys and its near instant. Again if its isnt a major key then it wont be a major problem. However look at my reputation, hope this helps. it sounds interesting none the less.
  6. onequestion

    Character Class Design

    Does anyone know of any games where one character has an overblown stat and a severely underdeveloped one as their class? Ex: Paladin: High Attack and Magic twice as the highest of the second highest in the party. But ridiculously and severely low Defense both Physical and Magic? Also any other character class designs than is completely different than the common ones, Fire Mages/Dragon Sword Tamers, or the normal 4/6(check the tropes).
  7. onequestion

    Character Class Design

    If you want character classes that are completely different you need to think "outside the box". You can either base classes off of already existing sources or create your own.. [/quote] I know, I was asking if it had been done before? I will.
  8. onequestion

    Character Class Design

    Not like how I designed it. Its going to be very extreme. As usual I neglected to mention this wasnt for a MMORPG.
  9. See-saw RPG? Yes. In these types of RPGs balance is needed. A good example would be a moral system within a game. If you are too bad then you could find yourself facing more enemies(for less benefits) and maybe erosion of items than you would like to. If you are too good then you could find trouble leveling up and the storyline could pause. This is just a moral system. The focus is to create a balanced and all-around fun gameplay. At the same time, fun if you choose to be extreme. As the example with the moral system- -A somewhat bad guy getting tons of items and experience -A somewhat good guy not being faced with constant storyline continuations and can play at their speed What do you think? While you may think "ok video games always do this" Not with a constant duo system. That tracks your actions and switches the gameplay according to your extremes. Most games- you have to trigger something to get things moving or get special items to make certain crazy stuff happen. So is this a future?
  10. onequestion

    Linear RPG? Sandbox RPG? See-Saw RPG?

    It was an example. However if I used a moral system, you would go either way. If you kill too many enemies in a short time- the game will react to that. If you do too many NPC quests in a short time- the game will react to that. Its a design idea that in some ways control the player. However each extreme will also be enjoyable if the player so chooses.
  11. onequestion

    Linear RPG? Sandbox RPG? See-Saw RPG?

    Actually your actions would increase to that point. You kinda start out in the middle. Staying in the middle(or near it), you benefit the most from the game than extreme gameplay in one area. I actually thought the whole game would be like this. Very non-linear with a free-for-all/whatever-you-want sandbox approach. Like I said in another reply. The game morphs with your repetitive actions and alters difficulty. I guess a better example would be between: Battles, NPC interaction, storyline, quests, item collection/creation, & minigames.
  12. onequestion

    Linear RPG? Sandbox RPG? See-Saw RPG?

    I wasnt thinking of an MMO more of a JRPG. I know forcing certain actions isnt good but it was more of an example. The game kinda morphs itself on what you spend most of your work in.
  13. onequestion

    Innovation in Social Gaming

    Im glad you mentioned this. I was thinking of expanding not only the system but also gameplay of NPC interaction in JRPGs. I like your social game idea, How have the response been? The enemies can come into towns or NPCs accidentally find themselves in your battle. Another idea i had was the idea of running your own shops in JRPGs. They can help run the store or be a rival or even a thief. Some other idea, they can steal/trade stats,items and money.
  14. onequestion

    Hows this for a leveling system

    I personally like it but theres not enough gaps-1000 is not enough in those high levels, it popularly is around 1000points about the teen LVLs. Plus i dont think usually video games are so 5-0 squared with XP numbers. Like LVL29-LVL30 4796 points LVL49-LVL50 13444 points. The latter sentence is not an issue however.
  15. onequestion

    Item/Equipment/Monster Rarity

    How about types of metals? Or in this case, music certification. We know Silver<Gold<Platinum<Diamond in music sells. Have the animator make it look a certain way as well. Dull Grey for Silver Brownish Yellow with a sparkle for Gold Light Gray with glitter for Platinum Violet Rainbow/ Light Gray for Diamond
  16. While in action based rpgs, movement is immediate coinciding with move choices- usually you cant control your whole party. While you can give certain commands to them- you cannot control their whole movements. A suggestion for future gamemakers would be to create a whole set list of tactical abilities that control your party in ways many turn-based rpgs havent gone far enough. Example: In Star Ocean 3(we'll call the abilities "manuvers" for now) You can suggest how the other members should act in battle as well as set the initial battle positions. The menu(one will be needed for the sheer number of abilities) would in the case be -Battle Positions & Movement -Team Attacks While the list looks simple there is alot more to it In the Battle Positions- it would contain where the party starts, where they run to, or run away from Even more complex In Team Attacks- it would contain combinations of how the party attacks EX: - The swordsman does a magic attack while the healer casts a physical protection spell - The swordsmen do a very detailed well chained combo - The healers casts protection spells in battle initially - The glass cannons make chained spells while other members lower enemy defenses - The party uses the tank a distraction while attackers critically attack enemy from behind
  17. onequestion

    battle system type to use

    If it wasnt an iphone game or handheld quality I would go for number 3. I vote for 1and would had visual effects to monster attacks.
  18. onequestion

    Action-based rpg menu and party commands

    Yikes, when I think of these ideas Their scope is a typical jprg. If the posters are thinking of an MMORPG- then no, its too complicated to implement. I didnt intend for them to make their own combos per se The tactics tree is included in the gameplay- if not all of it. As for reducing skill- the character has set positions in battle and based on the tactics, do it in their own way. Hope this makes sense.
  19. onequestion

    Action-based rpg menu and party commands

    No AI's otherwise there is no point to this type of design. The point is to control what all characters do in battle, directly. Between yours and Immorals comments- I have forgotten about actual skills you party does. That was an oversite- I didnt even notice. I also thought from this point of view of the party battling one strong enemy. Speaking of macro- no the enemy, when i think of design- enemies are very intelligent, repetitive, but intelligent.
  20. And what takes the least time if you could? Please name the genre if you can
  21. onequestion

    My Game Design

    Its better than my ideas.
  22. Im not a designer but my guess would be to make your gameplay classic. How to take something familiar yet at the same time take it to other levels. No one wants generic at the same time no one wants a game trying so hard to be different, unique, special or classic.
  23. onequestion

    RPG Classes Could I Get Some Help.

    Truthfully.... Everything has been done. Do anyone even use these classes? There are generators online I know thats what you didnt ask but there are generators online. The key would be to change the pace of combat not for classes But for pure roles. Just from tropes I would...... Have a class for defense against elemental spells Have a class for anti-healing of enemies Have a class for critical tactics for serious damage of the enemy like airing or from the back Have a class for a tank that shoots projectiles Have a class for a character to wither their stats to make certain commands useable
  24. Change the Life points system. The Magic Points System is as different from the rest of the stats as Life Points as well. People find ways around that. The KEY would be to make a # of hits system or a bar system.
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