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  1. redskyforge

    about mmo persistent player data

    Your approach sounds sensible (only load the data that's needed), but I would agree with ApochPiQ, why do you think your database is getting too many queries? Modern RDBMS can handle a LOT of concurrency (especially reads), so I would not assume you are doing too many unless you profile and find DB queries are taking a long time. (You can of course usually run queries on the DB itself to see what the load stats look like). How many concurrent players do you have?
  2. I don't have an opinion on how to implement this in a specific language, but as far as the approach goes, I really like storing ID's to objects instead of using references. One reason I took this approach with my multiplayer game is it translates seamlessly to client-server communications. If a player clicks on another player to select them, I store the player ID in the client UI layer as the 'targetted player' and query the server for the player data. I take the same approach in all the server code, for example if a player has an effect applied by another player, then again I store the ID of that player rather than a reference. The only downside to this approach is of course the lookup cost when you do need to get the reference to do some work. At the moment I'm just searching arrays for the player so it's O(n), which of course if fine when you don't have many players, but eventually a hashtable will be better. But that'll be one of those "problems that mean you're successful" Good luck!
  3. redskyforge

    Game server for (yet another) MMO game.

    I would go with the simplest solution where you have the most knowledge. For development and ease of deployment, PHP is definitely a good choice. I once made a turn based browser game using PHP, and it was extremely easy to ship something that people played, and deployment just meant FTP-ing to a shared host. If you go down the IIS route, keep in mind setting up a server, configuring IIS correctly, keeping the server updated and so on will cost you significant time with a VPS, and if you use a cloud solution, the costs will be relatively higher. (Azure has a very nice 'webapp' solution that gives you a pre-configured Windows environment you can just deploy your .NET webapp too, but it's not cheap). Good luck!
  4. I also worked with an animator who I paid out of my pocket (i.e. low budget), and he had never worked on a game before in his life - it can be challenging at times, but this is a communication/organization thing. We maintained a Google docs spreadsheet with the required assets, specs, work completed and any "not approved" comments when something still needed work. Sometimes the animator screws up a file naming and it's faster to just fix it yourself, but if it's happening a lot then you need to be more dictatorial about it. Maintaining conventions and procedures in the toolchain isn't rocket science. You do need to really take the initiative with it though.
  5. anyone have a Fitocracy invite?
  6. redskyforge

    State of play: terrain rendering

    Thanks for your replies! I'll investigate geomipmapping and geoclipmapping I think. The quality of detail I'm going for is a good degree of realism from short to long distances. Detailed object groups like towns and other areas will probably be impostered at long range then streamed in as the player approaches.
  7. If you were going to write a 3D PC game from scratch these days, what language/library/engine would you use? #gamedev #android
  8. Hi there As a quick intro about me, I released a 3D RPG on Android using libgdx at the start of the year and I'm now looking into starting my next project, a 3D RPG on PC. I have a pretty good idea of the technical requirements and implementation for the engine, but one thing I'm unsure about is the state of play for terrain rendering. I've been out of the loop of modern engine-level game programming for a while now (though I have done high level game programming for a next-gen studio a few years back), and the last time I seriously looked into terrain rendering was when ROAM was the way to go. Since then, I'm pretty sure things have changed, so what I'm looking for is a discussion on what modern tech/approaches are available these days. My ultimate goal is to have the terrain looking something like it does in the Unreal Engine (http://www.unrealeng...atures/terrain/) and I definitely want real-time LOD, but obviously as an indie it's way out of my price range. It would be Very Nice ™ if I could lift a module out of an open-source engine instead of reinventing the wheel (I'm happy open-sourcing my stuff too), but I'd still like some pointers to what modern games are using these days Any recommendations/advice is very welcome.
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