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  1. Why cards in a game design?

    I've played with board game developers and had a blast using placeholder objects according to a set of rules in place for the game. Could have been done on a screen or whatever, or some bottle caps, toothpicks, a piece of paper, and dice. There were definitely mechanics based on the rules.
  2. Marketing "adult" rated apps?

    omg thanks for responding! I now have hope. Will definitely check it out! Thanks!
  3. Marketing "adult" rated apps?

    Thanks a lot frob, that's a lot more positive than I was expecting.   I think it's a given I need to distribute the app free with some content and in app purchase to unlock the rest. Then people can know it works on their device, and I can upload it as a torrent in addition to other marketing avenues, and refer people to a nice webpage where they can get the free version of the app and show media of it working, videos, screenshots, and maybe a forum.   I live in Seattle so am thinking I can do some footwork locally to market it and get it going.
  4. It looks like google play, apple, and amazon don't allow apps revolving around nudity. So that completely eliminates ios since you can't get it onto people's devices (without jailbreaking them), and leaves you with trying to get people to download your app outside the market.   Sigh...   And it's not like I'm making some raunchy stuff, it's individual models, but they're nude... I might try physically selling it in xxx shops locally or something. Any advice?
  5. Kinect type games

    I got the kinect working in web browser builds of unity using a plugin called zigfu....pretty neat...   Now to make a kinect game portal site.....
  6. Kinect type games

    Thx I was just using unity and adding triggers/colliders to different parts of the body and tagging each accordingly. So say hands, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, feet. Then I added a trigger above the model's head so if your hand hits it a fireball is created and the collider on the hand hits the sphere/fireball in a forward direction.   Then when you tap your elbows together you could activate/trigger something(new weapon, new spell, etc), or if you touch a trigger on your hip. I could add an actual sword you touch to child it to your hand or something.   Or if you touch your hands together in front of you it can shoot something forward out of them. Just by hitting different triggers rather than gestures, and it's a lot easier hehe. Plus you could make it so you have to touch your hands together twice or 3x to trigger something, or activate some sequence of touching triggers or something.   2 player is kinda dangerous, lol, I smacked my hand on numerous things when trying to toss fireballs.   It's pretty sweet that it builds an exe you can simply plug into a laptop or something connected to your tv and skip the console. It's an asus knockoff of the kinect.   edit:: Whipped up a little skeleton punching game, could make it spawn harder monsters as you proceed or something. It just spawns a new skeleton when you kill one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Sox0thaDGNg
  7. Kinect type games

    I brought home an Asus xtionpro live sensor from work which appears to be a kinect knockoff. So far I just made it so if you throw overhead you throw a fireball forward.   Obviously sports games like kicking a soccer ball/field goal, swinging at a pitch, throwing something, etc as well as carnival type games work well.   My gf actually had a good idea of sitting in a chair and riding a mechanical bull in game...lol You would just sit facing the same direction but the camera would spin around in game and you'd have to lean to stay on the center point or something lol.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=YEStCgApADc   Pretty neat though, what other games do you think would work well with this type of sensor?    For trade shows and promotional stuff it would make a good product to attract people to your booth and you could have it be a contest...   Just brainstorming still...
  8. AR games

    That's how it works....   There was a tech demo last week at the University of WA computer engineering and they had a demo where they took a kinect sensor and waved it in front of the people standing there and it created 3d models of them, then he pressed a button and it textured them............................no shit.     Here' I used a logo from a website as a target but it was not a great target(not a lot of unique features) and it just spawns some rocks, trees and an animated skeleton over it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-SFpIEEpeI
  9. AR games

    Yeah that's how it works guys. I can use an image or drawing or 3d object like a soda can as a target. When you open the app and point the camera at a target it recognizes, it can spawn whatever you want within the game engine that can have whatever game logic you want.   At work I made cards as targets with 3d animated fbx characters for each card. If you move the cards close enough to each other, they play animations and do damage until one dies.  I also made intro and exits so if the camera loses the target a particle effect starts and the character disappears. When the camera recognizes the card an intro particle effect plays and the character appears, playing an idle animation.   You can rotate the cards, pick them up and as long as part of the target is still showing it's pretty good at following it.   Similarly I was thinking of making kids puzzles where once you put it together, you can view it as a 3d scene with animated animals and stuff.   For tower defense you could position your pieces on a game board or on a table top, and point your cam at it to watch it play out. Tablets are better with big screens than phones but it runs smoothly on both.   I made a mob spawner than drops models at an interval and they can walk toward a waypoint and you could put your character cards in it's path to make them fight. And if any of the enemies make it to their waypoint it counts against you.   But you can apply any game logic you'd use in a game engine. The camera feed is simply the input. Once a target is recognized you can spawn 1 or many models with or without animations, with or without AI...   This was last weekend when I first got it working, but each target spawns different set of models. In this vid only 1 target at a time but now it can track dozens at the same time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75IIO7nhY80   @mipmap yeah at work they were showing me the ikea catalog and we're doing something similar with a different catalog to show as a demo to prospective buyers. You can spin the cards around to view the models from 360 degrees. And you can even add virtual buttons where when map off a region of the target and when it's occluded from the camera stream you can trigger a function in the game engine...   My whole job right now is to make demos to pitch to some big brands. I work at a post-production studio with a half dozen artists and me as the programmer. They hired me to make stuff more interactive, some is just simply javascript and html but the larger projects are conceptualizing AR applications. I'm making stuff that goes on a sedna for digital billboards in big cities.   Edit:: One idea I was thinking was to go take pictures of landmarks in the city from common positions and use them as targets which you could spawn stuff around. I also made a screenshot script that will snap a shot of the virtual stuff over the real life scene. So I could make targets of statues and when you load the app and point the cam at the statue you can add ears, mustaches, noses, hats, etc and people can pose in front of it and it will all be in the image in their phone's gallery.
  10. AR games

    I'm trying to come up with some simple games using augmented reality. I think long games would be annoying holding a screen in front of you to play, so I was thinking about mini games. A simplified tower defense where you set out your pieces and watch how it unfolds could be neat.   Last weekend I got the basic mechanics working for recognizing cards, and this week wrote some game logic to attack each other if the cards are near enough, and a monster spawner to create mobs at an interval to pop out bad guys.     So a tower defense with physical card pieces, say 10-15 that you can place in an orientation, maybe on a printable game board so you can lay your cards out according to tiles. Then start the app on a tablet with a camera and watch it all come to life?   I got some basic functions for virtual buttons, if you occlude part of the card with your finger that's mapped off as a button it can trigger a function.    For development I was just using my webcam, then making builds and testing on my gf's phone when it's available. Seems to run great:   This is from last Saturday when I had the basic mechanics to recognize multiple cards and 2 virtual buttons that toggle skeletons on/off also I don't have a printer so I just pulled the textures/targets up on the monitor and point the camera at it, but it works on the phone with rotation just fine.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=nol8SmRppf0&list=UUuPUwB98LX-ir9PKx1aN6Mw
  11. How to make dll...

    Well I'm testing some 3rd party products and will likely have to go with them instead. I wonder how much it would cost to hire a software engineer to create a decent tracking plugin for Unity:   Here's what I made yesterday and is basically what I was trying to do on my own: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75IIO7nhY80   I also found out I have to not make a dll but compile it to native ojb c to use it in iOS...
  12. How to make dll...

    Well crap, thanks for that link Simon that's exactly what I'm trying to do...   So I'm using a mac osx and Unity building for iOS.   I need to compile OpenCV to be able to drop in my plugins folder in Unity so I can call the functions from my C# in Unity....   What format do I need to compile the OpenCV library to so I can do that? iOS native code, so obj C??? Or do I build it for mac and Unity will convert everything to run on iOS?(guess not)   Thanks, this at least points me in a direction to compile for iOS, where I was searching for dll....At home I'm on windows, which may be adding to my confusion, all dev will be on osx targeting iOS with Unity...but I've never had a pro copy to use plugins until now so I need to figure this out.   I just want to be able to use C# in unity and pass some camera data to functions in openCV to try to track an object in the cam feed...............I need to to track a card that I can rotate/move for an AR Unity app....... side to side, forward/back and rotation, basic movement, is openCV what I should be looking at?   I'd be willing to buy a basic implementation even if I had to.
  13. How to make dll...

    How on earth to you get a nice .dll from openCV? I need to use it for Unity, as a plugin, but have never used linux.   I went through one of the tutorials to install opencv on my computer (PC), but I need to get a .dll I can transfer to my mac and drop in my plugins folder of Unity ios..........   Once I have a dll filled with functions I can call them from Unity...anyone have any advice for a simple solution? I found a visual studio 2010 .exe but don't have visual studio to open it....   I saw some mention of using Eclipse, can I do it with that, easily? Do you have to use a terminal window to do it no matter what??   Any advice/pointers greatly appreciated...
  14. lol I had 1 bill for $10,203 from a brain MRI with and without contrast and an angiogram. The insurance paid $2k and told them to F off.   For my gf and I it's $800/mo premium (paid by employer) and I still went broke from co-pays.
  15. Catastrophic coverage wouldn't have helped me as I had over 20 visits to specialists last year costing $40/copay each then $40/copay for prescriptions at the same time your income dries up, it just plain screws you.   For me they based medicaid and food stamps off income and previous years tax records. I also have a rental house that gives me income monthly but it's not cash in my pocket it goes to taxes, insurance and mortgage. I rent my house out and live with my gf, no kids, 29 years old.    The prescription companies have programs to give you meds ONLY IF YOU DON"T HAVE INSURANCE. It's stupid they'll give you the meds at $250/mo cost to them but not just help you pay $40 and the rest through insurance.
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