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  1. Hey guys, Here's the updated version of my game. (this game http://www.gamedev.net/topic/624045-test-my-game-pls-first-update/) Please play it and let me know what you think. Download here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/70636715/FINAL_GAME.zip The size is too large to upload here, P.S. I'm aware of the "new game" bug. I currently don't know how to fix it, so if you have to restart, do it while on the level where the game originally started. Or don't restart... Thank you!
  2. Yep, that sounds great. Except, I will make it possible to left click OR press E. I'm more used to E, so that'll be the best of 2 worlds!
  3. The eye height appears to be a bug, I'll fix that, thanks! Also, all other notes - will all be done. This is just a very quick show off, not a proper game yet. I will start on textures and sound next week, after I fix everything that was mentioned in this topic. Thanks, I'll attempt to implement "key sticking into keyhole" thing - it sounds difficult, but anyway.
  4. Yep, I'm (now) aware of the first 2 issues, they will definitely be fixed before the next update. Don't worry, I will keep polishing it up until it's perfect. Thanks for the input!
  5. Ok, I've updated my game, if anyone is interested, please follow this link. Any comments or criticism will be regarded and attempted to implement
  6. Hey guys, I've made some major changes in the game, and I'd appreciate it if you could play it and tell me what you think. Most of the issues, that were noticed in the previous topic, have been solved. I need to know whether I should alter anything before I start adding sound, textures and improving models and geometry. Thanks
  7. Oh, I still haven't done that yet - it will most likely unlock a locked door from inside. Yep, I will move the key closer to the edge of the bed. Thanks for pointing that out. I'm using Bepu physics engine, and I'm quite happy about it! Even though I run into the problems very often, I wasn't stuck on anything longer than a couple of days.. Their forums are very helpful, there's an administrator there, "Norbo", he always replies quickly and informatively, without doing any work for you (which is just what I need!) I highly recommend it if you're after a physics engine.
  8. Well maybe it's not that much better, but it still lets you see more things! I also tried Pi/2, which is 90 degrees. and it looks really cool! Would be good for scary scenes (I'm making a horror game). The one I'm attaching here is 60 degrees FOV (was 45 before).
  9. Hi Lonewolff, First of all, thank you so much for your comments! Especially about the field of view - I've changed it to 60 degrees and it's SO MUCH better now! I will have a menu where a user can set up their own graphics settings. Everything else - yes, I'm aware of, it will all get fixed before the next update. Good point about camera height! Hmm, I guess that my game does need extra downloads (unfortunately). Sorry about that. Did you have to get both of the ones you have listed?
  10. Really? I had no idea you would need ANYTHING extra. I published it using these instructions and it says the requirements are: Must be running, at minimum, Windows XP Service Pack 2. Must have a video card that supports, at minimum, Shader Model 1.1. What exactly are you downloading?
  11. Hi guys, It's not a real game yet, so just run around and explore, comment on controls and usability. Try to break it, and it probably will - I'm a long way from the end:) Much appreciated!
  12. ole_92

    Visual C# error

    Oops, it turned out that it was attempting to open it with Visual C++! Never mind
  13. Hello, Has anyone experienced this error? It occurs when I double click on a .sln file. I worked fine before but now I have to manually open visual C# and open project to avoid this error. It even doesn't let me open projects (by double clicking) that I've just created. How can I get around this? Thank you
  14. Hi there, my camera is acting really weird. It pitches differently when I face a different direction (down instead of up). Also I couldn't find any decent first-person camera tutorials on the web. I just need a simple camera... It's really frustrating for the beginner. Any help will be appreciated!!! using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using Microsoft.Xna.Framework; using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Audio; using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content; using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GamerServices; using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics; using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Input; namespace MyGame { public class Camera : Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GameComponent { public Matrix view { get; protected set; } public Matrix projection { get; protected set; } public Vector3 pos; public Vector3 dir; Vector3 up; float speed = 1.5f; float gravity = 0; float jump = 0; public Model model; private float pitch; MouseState prevMouseState; // ------------------------------------- public Camera(Game game, Vector3 iPos, Vector3 target, Vector3 iUp) : base(game) { pos = iPos; dir = target - iPos; dir.Normalize(); up = iUp; createLookAt(); pitch = 0; float aspectRatio = (float)Game.Window.ClientBounds.Width / (float)Game.Window.ClientBounds.Height; // 45 degrees float fieldOfView = MathHelper.PiOver4; projection = Matrix.CreatePerspectiveFieldOfView(fieldOfView, aspectRatio, 0.1f, 3000); model = Game.Content.Load<Model>("Models/bublik"); } // ------------------------------------- public override void Initialize() { Mouse.SetPosition(Game.Window.ClientBounds.Width / 2, Game.Window.ClientBounds.Height / 2); prevMouseState = Mouse.GetState(); base.Initialize(); } // ------------------------------------- public override void Update(GameTime gameTime) { KeyboardState ks = Keyboard.GetState(); MouseState ms = Mouse.GetState(); // moving if (ks.IsKeyDown(Keys.W) && ((Game1)Game).canMove) { // making sure the player only walks forward (restricting Y direction) float y = dir.Y; dir.Y = 0; pos += dir * speed; dir.Y = y; } if (ks.IsKeyDown(Keys.S)) { float y = dir.Y; dir.Y = 0; pos -= dir * speed; dir.Y = y; } if (ks.IsKeyDown(Keys.A)) pos += Vector3.Cross(up, dir) * speed; if (ks.IsKeyDown(Keys.D)) pos -= Vector3.Cross(up, dir) * speed; // jump if (ks.IsKeyDown(Keys.Space) && pos.Y <= 10.1f) jump = 1.2f; // yaw and pitch dir = Vector3.Transform(dir, Matrix.CreateFromYawPitchRoll ( (-MathHelper.PiOver4 / 400) * (Mouse.GetState().X - prevMouseState.X), (MathHelper.PiOver4 / 400) * (Mouse.GetState().Y - prevMouseState.Y), 0) ) ; dir.Normalize(); Mouse.SetPosition(Game.Window.ClientBounds.Width / 2, Game.Window.ClientBounds.Height / 2); prevMouseState = Mouse.GetState(); createLookAt(); // basic physics pos.Y -= gravity; if (pos.Y > 10) gravity += 0.02f; else if (pos.Y == 10) gravity = 0; else if (pos.Y < 10) { pos.Y = 10; gravity = 0; jump = 0; } if (jump > 0) { pos.Y += jump; jump -= 0.03f; } ((Game1)Game).player.position = pos + dir * 10; base.Update(gameTime); } // ------------------------------------- private void createLookAt() { view = Matrix.CreateLookAt(pos, pos + dir, up); } } }
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