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    XNA Pathfinding

    Hello guys, As I said, I was working on a pathfinding program using the XNA framework, and here it is, and unfinished, but yet working video from my program Please, give me your opinion and suggestions, so I can improve it further. Here goes, my XNA PathFinding program : [media][/media] Kirano
  2. MichelTm22

    My first XNA game.

    Thanks for the reply But yet, I think I could've done it better :/
  3. Well, for me the sprite of his attack was starting in the middle of the explosion, and then is stopped in a little bit past the beginning. It happened twice.
  4. Greetings, Just to warn you that the attack from the following monster isn't working properly: [size=2] Artillera [color=#DDDDDD][font=Verdana, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] [/font] [font="Arial"]Kirano[/font]
  5. Here goes an original song me and my friend made some time ago: http://t.co/7BfzMjV
  6. MichelTm22

    My first XNA game.

    Greetings A Brain in a Vat, First, thank you , and yes, it is from the video quality, but I didn't make it to have better quality. I'm using Microsoft Expression (Trial) to record the game. Kirano
  7. MichelTm22

    My first XNA game.

    Greetings guys, I just wanted to share with you my first game on the XNA 4.0 Framework, I didn't know anything about C#, but I think I've learned pretty fine. The game was made in 2 weeks, so please, don't be hard on me Just tell me what do you think about it, and leave some suggestions. Here goes my first game: [media][/media] I already have in mind the following: -> Animations on Paddle / bricks / ball; -> Gameover Screen with User input so you can save your score with your username; -> Try to make an online highscore system; -> Random brick generator; -> Custom SpriteFont. I'm currently working on a PathFinding game, I'll show it to you guys when it's fully operational ^^ Kirano
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