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  1. USOApps

    intro post

    Welcome to the site!
  2. USOApps

    Whitney Houston has passed away

    I was really shocked to hear about it... She was only 48!
  3. USOApps

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Yeah, my expectations for the Valentine's day were more brighter and full of impressions than the reality. Why does this always happen?)))
  4. [font=times new roman,times,serif]Hi everybody )) I am a representative of the USOApps company. We want to ask for your opinion! Our company a couple of months ago released a game " Attention"! [/font] Everything - focus, attention, & concentration - helpful for your brain is combined in “ATTENTION” released by USOApps, available for playing on IPHONE, IPOD and IPAD, that you can find on the App Store. [font="'times new roman"]This game is designed to enhance your concentration skills. Playing “ATTENTION” a few minutes everyday can work wonders on your brain health. If you have ever felt the need for the following, this Game is designed exactly for YOU. [/font] And now we wonder about how did you like it? Maybe you have any suggestions or a couple of critical words? Or maybe you liked it? It would be great to know! Thanks)))
  5. USOApps

    Would you give up your body to live inside a computer?

    "No" was my first answer when I saw this question! Because I like that simple joys of life like delicious food, feeling warmth of the sun, and sex))) But what if I would be 60 years old or very very ill? Living inside a computer world seems to be not a bad idea in this circumstances!)
  6. USOApps

    Ricochet Assasin Blog

    [color=#6C6C6C][font=Arial]We have created a blog devoted to Ricochet Assassin game! It contains the latest news and events, the most unexpectable ideas of our development team))) It has all the interesting information about this game. No limits and no secrets![/font] [color=#6C6C6C][font=Arial]Chek it out! [/font][color=#000099][font=Arial]ricassassinuso.blogspot.com[/font]
  7. USOApps

    Ricochet Assasin Game

    [color=#000000][font=Arial]Hello! We want to share with you a link with video which shows the passing of the Ricochet Assassin game. It will introduce you the starting levels of this breathtaking game.[/font] [color=#000000][font=Arial]Enjoy realistic graphics and funny sound effects![/font] [color=#333333][font=Arial]Levels [/font][color=#000000][font=Arial]1-9[/font][color=#000000][font=Arial] [/font][color=#000099][font=Arial][/font] [color=#000099][font=Arial]L[/font]
  8. USOApps

    Ricochet Assassin

    Hello! I'm an Advertising Manager of USOApps Not so long ago our company has released one game - called "Ricochet Assassin" - new cool cartoon game from USOApps! “GET READY...” An interesting and breathtaking game Ricochet Assassin released by USOApps is available for playing on IPHONE, IPOD and IPAD. “SHOOT,SHOOT, SHOOT!!!” You have always dreamt to try shooting but you don’t have any weapon... So we provide you with this opportunity in our game. Pick up the bullets and shoot, shoot, shoot!!! Give the way out for your abilities. Use your arsenal wisely. “GUNS and ENEMIES” The player manages his character who kills the enemies with the gun. Check the accuracy of your shooting! You are to plan the killing of your enemies at every level. Think thoroughly before just shoot – as you have a limited number of bullets. “SUPER EXTRAORDINARY SURPRISING” The plot of this game can keep you interested for many hours and even days. The complexity of each following level steadily increases and you will have to “break your brain” how to pass them. At first it is not difficult to kill enemies, but later appear various obstacles that you need to overcome. “GAME FOR PLEASURE” Good music and realistic sound effects will not allow you to feel bored playing this game. Listen to the sweet screams of your victims, explosion of the bombs, ricochets of bullets and a lot more. The game combines precise control and realistic graphics, colorific enemies, and variety of obstacles. Every new level differs impressively from the previous one. “THAT’S WHO WE ARE” We are making our games for YOU! Thanks for being with us! We would be pleased if you could place our game on your site! Please let us know if anything is necessary from us for that. Thanks. Sincerely yours, USOApps
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