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  1. Earthwalker

    Inventing on Principle - amazing video!

    Wow. Just wow. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Earthwalker

    College is stupid!

    I think you're kind of thinking of scholarships, aren't you? Money given by normally private organizations for higher learning. At least that's what I thought of when reading your idea.
  3. Earthwalker

    Gadget Idea - password storage and retrieval keychain

    I think it would be useful if you have a lot of passwords, travel a lot, and don't lose things easily.
  4. Earthwalker

    Project Offset Revival?

    No offense, but why is this game so important? There are literally millions of game ideas that never see the light of day.
  5. Earthwalker

    Eugenics is a necessity.

    I highly doubt this planet will ever become overpopulated; wars, diseases, natural disasters and other similar events tend to regulate population numbers pretty well. Also, have you ever thought about how much space there is? There's millions of acres that nobody is using. Also, if you think about it, humans have been around for quite a long time and we've done pretty well, at least with surviving. And about regulating the "lesser" humans, why? Do you not think these kinds of problems have never been experienced before? This isn't solvable without extreme measures. But what if these extreme measures fail? We could be a lot worse off then we are now. Sometimes the side effects of a "solution" can be worse than the original problem.
  6. Earthwalker


    All those old text adventure games were in a kind of 2nd person; you tell "yourself" what to do. If that makes any sense.
  7. Earthwalker

    Worth a buck

    What if the site was geared more toward the developers? The developers would have to pay like a $5 fee to enter, the website takes a percentage and then the rest of the money could be spent on other games. So you would still be voting with money but you wouldn't be limited by certain amounts. You would still be able to add as much money as you want to your account but every month you would have to pay $5. And if someone wanted to play the games that were made, they would have to pay the fee. I'm thinking each person could have to "wallets". One for money he puts in and the other for winnings. The winnings would be paid if there was a certain amount in the wallet. Two websites that I have been looking at are www.alertpay.com and www.skrill.com . Do you guys know anything about them? They allow for both sending and receiving cash through credit card.
  8. Earthwalker

    Worth a buck

    I checked out Kongregate's Kredit system and also the different merchant services. The Kredit system seems very close to what I want to do and the people there are pretty friendly and helpful. If this gets off the ground, I'll let you all know! Thanks for your help and advice!
  9. Earthwalker

    Worth a buck

    Yeah, I just automatically think paypal when thinking about online payments, but I will definitely look into the other merchants you guys suggested. ChurchSkiz - So kind of like Steam wallet maybe? So you would put money into your account and then use it to pay for the games? Hmm, I hadn't thought of that. Kyan - I know that we tend to look at extremely low prices as low quality, but think of it more like a pay-what-you-want system. If you like a game you support it by giving one dollar. It wouldn't even be quite paying for it like we're used to. It would be more like using open source software and donating something because it was useful/fun. I would also like to see more regular game jams too. If I take a percentage of profits, maybe I could pay the fees out of my own pocket so the developers/players wouldn't have to worry about it. So do you guys think enough people would be interested? I know game jams are pretty popular (although rather exhausting) and I for one wouldn't mind making a few dollars from those games.
  10. Earthwalker

    Worth a buck

    alnite - I like the idea of hosting for the winners. Also, taking a percentage is a pretty good idea; I'll have to think about it. HappyCoder - Why wouldn't you pay for it? Lack of money?
  11. Earthwalker

    Worth a buck

    I've had this idea bouncing around in my head for a while and I want to know what you guys think. I started off thinking about how hard it can be sometimes for the people who want to start earning money for their games but are not really sure how to get started. I know there are quite a few good places to sell games, especially the up and coming IndieCity, but I was kind of thinking of a smaller scale kind. I was inspired by the recent Gamemaker Halloween Jam where people create games over the weekend based on a one-word theme. LAWS was the last theme. Anyway, I got to thinking, "What if you were to have a jam, like, say monthly and earn money for your games?". So the "Worth a buck" idea came into being. Basically, the first Monday of the month a theme would be announced and developers would have 2-3 weeks or so to make a game. Then the games are published onto a site. In the games themselves, when you complete the game, there would be a dialog that comes up asking if you thought the game was worth a buck. If you say yes, you are directed to the paypal site and so forth. If you say no then, well, nothing happens. You get a big sad face. Anyway, the developer could keep all of the profits. I was also thinking maybe the winning game, the one that earned the most money, might get an extra prize or something, I don't know. Or maybe everybody who enters could contribute some money and the winner would get it all. The business could take an entry fee to make a profit and things like that so as to make it worth while. I don't think it would be terribly hard to set up. I'm also not sure whether the games should be hosted on the website or not. It would add to expenses but it might simplify everything a bit more. Well, tell me what you all think! Oh, and happy holidays!
  12. Earthwalker

    Company name

    You mean, just to make sure I'm doing everything correctly?
  13. Earthwalker

    The value of social networks

    Hmm. Good point.
  14. Earthwalker

    Company name

    Ok, I think I've figured it out. Basically, I could most likely keep my current name because, 1) The other group is in a totally different industry, and 2) The name is not trademarked. I think I just might change it though to "Glow-in-the-Dark Games" just to be on the safe side, if you guys think that name sounds all right. I do kind of like the word "studios" but I figured sometimes it's better to pick the safest option I thought I would just post this for anyone else who's reading.
  15. Earthwalker

    The value of social networks

    I guess some people prefer to use facebook more than regular websites. So it brings more exposure I guess. I know what you mean about what exactly to put on it though. I'm thinking just regular updates to what you're doing and what you will be doing and anything else you can think of. Maybe concept art or screenshots too. Those are just my thoughts.
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