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    C# Returning a Random Type?

    Thanks! However I have a new issue. Perhaps it is simple. I'll check back if I can't fix it.
  2. Greetings! Forgive me as my lingo may be incorrect. I am using C# and XNA4. case BlockType.Dirt: switch (faceDir) { case BlockFaceDirection.XIncreasing: return BlockTexture.Dirt; case BlockFaceDirection.XDecreasing: return BlockTexture.Dirt; case BlockFaceDirection.ZIncreasing: return BlockTexture.Dirt; case BlockFaceDirection.ZDecreasing: return BlockTexture.Dirt; case BlockFaceDirection.YIncreasing: return BlockTexture.Dirt; case BlockFaceDirection.YDecreasing: return BlockTexture.Dirt; default: return BlockTexture.Rock; } What I want to do is actually add some randomness to my textures. I do not know how to specifically achieve this. I am a real beginner here as I've been learning C# backwards from the very beginning. case BlockFaceDirection.YDecreasing: return TextureTypeDirt; ... TextureTypeDirt 1-50% return BlockTexture.Dirt1; 51-80% return BlockTexture.Dirt2; 81-90% return BlockTexture.Dirt3; 91-100% return BlockTexture.Dirt4; I know this is really simple. How would I code something like that? I learn from example. Thanks!
  3. have you tried the "Developer Commentary" ? i cant remember most of the stuff from it, but if i remember correctly, they used a physics approxomation on the cube. maybe used two, one on either side. very interesting how they solve some of the stuff. [/quote] Great tip! They talk about it a few times in this clip They mentioned creating a bubble around portal locations to handle physics calculations. To shorten time it would take to process object interactions. They also mention that said physics was separate from the standard source engine. Are was much simpler to help processing times. I haven't actually started adding any objects that require physics interactions yet. Most I have is player jumping. It's all new to me so I'm taking it one step at a time. So designing said bubble might be a bit of a hurdle for me.
  4. Greetings! Thanks for the reply. I had given thought to a simple teleport approach. It could work with what I want to achieve. I'd like to have anything that does move to be able pass through the portals. However, I am absolutely in love with Portal's implementation of the portal experience. Presentation is everything, the seamless approach is what I want. I just can't wrap my mind around how to actually get it done. If you could elaborate on the methods involved I'd greatly appreciate it.
  5. Hey guys! I'm working a voxel exploration game. I'm pretty far along with it, and I decided that I need to have my own portal gun inspired weapon. I'm a novice engine programmer. This is my first step outside of excel VBA development. Point is, handle me with gloves and if you have any examples I would greatly appreciate it. Most I have so far is camera setting and a way to display the viewport on a decal. What I don't know where to begin is how to make the game teleport objects the way Portal does. I love how seamless it is and I think something similar would work well with the game I am creating. How would you guys suggest I go about making my own version of a Portal like teleportation experience. I'm using C# and XNA 4.0 if that give you and idea of the environment I am in.
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