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  1. Alright honestly it's been said too in my own job (where I actually have been the senior dev since '09) so I get that, but actually I have to say this: It's hard to make that broad of a call just from reading forum posts. I feel like the other developers that work "under" me (*with* me!) now would argue the same; I make very fair and well-researched architectural decisions, leaving no detail (even logistically) uncovered. I'm meticulous, and I go through great pains to keep my dev team updated on *every* change in the app, etc. Anyway, all I'm saying is, until I'm your leading developer, it's pretty hard to say I "lack composure". To be sure though, I work far better with computers than people, but when compared with other software developers you'd never know To be more honest (on a broader scope) it's just really hard to really convey thoughts and really introduce yourself on a forum (in only text). I should have made a video. Honestly - i think I will make a video.
  2. hey all. Just wanted to develop a game, Realize I'm not offering shit and it's because I don't have shit to offer. If you don't like it, deal. I already explained myself like 400 times over. Maybe someday (far in the future) if i can support paying someone more than this for said service, i will. Anyway - if anybody's interested to chill in barcelona and get paid for doing fun work here, well that's chill. I pay €235/month in rent all-inclusive; so don't tell me it's not livable. Plus, basically NOBODY is employed here (but nobody is skilled either) so that makes the job offer a bit more enticing. Oh, collapsing economies. May they work in my favor for once!! So, yeah. Flame and do whatever makes you happy, but let's try to remember I'm just putting up MONEY for someone to make something fun! Do you know what *MY* job is? I write bloody real-estate software! People can sure be ungrateful sometimes. Anyway maybe if we developed a real relationship (and product to sell someday); then we can talk about more money! Naturally. Anyway what I really want is someone to be *here*, i could be flexible with school and whatever else. How much is it worth really to already have stake in a company that has a selling product right when you leave uni?
  3. Hey all - I get what everyone is saying, but because life is complicated, I'm american and I have american money, so it really comes down to $6.25 an hour which is still pretty cheap. but, I know a load of students that totally would have done this. Anyway I have to restructure this ad. What I realize now is that you can't delete an ad, you can only edit one.. Anyway, I need to really think out how I'm going to get someone for this and properly fund it. It might have to be that it's not somebody where I live, but I feel like that changes anything. Maybe I should put this on hold until the future. (again, no delete option.)
  4. YES, this is serious! I have pseudo-code, class inheritance diagrams, and pages (and pages) of spec written out. I've been kicking around this idea for weeks and putting it on paper for days. I will work on this and develop this code base myself as a side project but I'm really really committed to my current job so I just wanted to pay someone entry level to get this off the ground for me. Am looking for a student or perhaps someone that truly does like programming but just hasn't really had experience yet (which i feel justifies the price). Also, this is *stable* work, you can depend on it being a very long project if you're committed to it, and you can depend on it being there this month, and next month, and the month after (etc).
  5. [color=#333333][size=2]Hello, My name is Alexander. [size=2] [size=2]I'm writing this in English because you must speak English to do the job, and as well the code must be in English (which is really more the point). [size=2] [size=2]I am looking for an entry-level Java developer with a gift. Something which I feel like I can recognize pretty easily, being a damn-well gifted programmer myself. I've been writing code for 10+ years now, and I've been actively working in the industry for about 7, mostly for a killer silicon-valley startup company. I feel like I have a very firm grasp on how the software industry works on every technical level, and also on a project-management level. [size=2] [size=2]I need someone who genuinely loves computer programming. Maybe you know that you're a genius coder but you just need the right direction to go in; you just haven't figured out the right system you should be writing. Perhaps you haven't really figured out what the real business of code is really like yet, or maybe you're just waiting for that moment of divine inspiration to strike so you can run off and write the code for it that makes you millions (your "Napster" moment) [size=2] [size=2]This could very-well be that moment. The idea is certainly good enough, and if I wasn't so damn busy working on someone-else's "Napster"-moment, I would very-well be writing this currently myself. [size=2] [size=2]I'm looking for someone to spend *about* 40 hours a week on code (that's 8 hours a day, 5 days a week), for 700 Euros / mo. I need someone in or around the Barcelona area who is willing to come to the center every day for work. Really though, I want someone that just wants to write something truly great. I'm looking for the guy that wants to be recognized for his first really successful project, and this will most assuredly be that project. [size=2] [size=2]This is the job I would have *killed* for when I was 19 and just really starting to learn Java in my University. I can guarantee: [size=2] [size=2]1) that this is a truly fantastic product; and definitely *FUN* work. [size=2]2) I am an amazing programmer and a very capable software project manager, and if you're willing to get serious about this project I will take it right to the end with you. [size=2]3) You will own part of the company in the form of options as long as you stay onboard, meaning if the company is ever bought by another company, or if it becomes traded publicly itself, then you will receive part of that money (a sizable part). [size=2] [size=2]No actual corporate work experience is required, but I will want to see any samples of code you've written in java. Completed projects that you're proud of, really anything that says "I'm probably the best programmer that ever has lived". There will be a phone-based interview as well as a written interview. You need to be able to speak English really well (I do speak spanish too, but we won't be). Project details will not be given out until the spoken interview phase. Please respond to the email with any code samples or links to any projects that you're proud of, and I will contact you if I feel like you qualify! [size=2] [size=2]The project generally concerns: [size=2] [size=2]1) OpenGL programming [size=2]2) Artificial intelligence (to a basic degree) [size=2]3) Physics (really, just kinetics) [size=2]4) Large Systems Design [size=2] [size=2]Write an email to me with your CV! sikanrong@gmail.com // For the love of god spread this around to everyone you know who is interested in writing some Java. Also please only serious replies!
  6. Hey guys! If anybody is looking for a Java-development job in the EU or is interested in moving to the Barcelona area, check out this link! http://goo.gl/NvLnU
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