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  1. SiddharthBhat

    A C64 Game - Step 89

    It's a little depressing that low level-code looks better than my object oriented C++ game >_>. Awesome job though :D
  2. SiddharthBhat

    Easing along, one step at a time

    I prefer to make the the whole thing template based - so I can interpolate floats, ints, doubles, vectors as well as quaternions (anything that has the + and  * operator overloaded :D And yeah, interpolators are awesome :) here's my code : http://ideone.com/RTEmf5
  3. SiddharthBhat

    Over The Shoulder

    very slick. Also, why not procedurally generate the grass and dirt texture too? It looks a little too repetitive right now IMHO. 
  4. SiddharthBhat

    Further Work With the Hex Tiles

    Wow, that looks really nice! I'm getting a Greed Corp. vibe from it :D. Is the game going to be procedurally generated, or will there be designed levels to play? Either way, I'm very curious :)   I personally like the Pit tiles more. It gives it some definition that the 1st picture lacks (IMO)   Also, are you involved in developing the uhro engine? It looks sweet ^_^
  5. feels that the school was a complete waste of time.
  6. just checked my results. got a 9.8. wooo!
  7. PLEASE stop the chain mail guys.. seriously, it's really annoying :|
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