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    I am available for work now, if anybody is actually interested.
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    Need a writer

    Do you want it to have an effect in the game when you tell her or just be a meaningful hi I want you to join.
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    Not many know the reason for this war or what were even fighting for but we just want to end it. If only it was just that easy. Our first mission was to go in and kill the ,1 before this even started. Little did we know the real problem? Intro: The year was 2101. We were on board Aircraft ,517 which is currently under command of folly. Those among me are my squad [Leo Cortez, the engineer, Sierra reding, CQC specialist, Cyclopes, our silent sniper] giving us company this mission are 20 Marines including the legendary Nathen caberly, its rumored he lead his squad of 10 men to fend off some say 500 terrorists from total domination and turned the tides of war. My name is Ramon Cortez and this is where my story begins. Faint voice: finish it. Sierra: No no no no Ayyyy. Smash! Ramon’s body is tossing left and right. Sierra is pushing herself off the floor. Leo: hey brother, you up? Good. Were dropping soon you might want to gear up. Nathen: Remember Rookies the mission comes first. [Takes a nice glance at you wile he says it.] Intercom: time to go. Story: The gates open and everyone jumps out as they get much closer to the ground the squad deploys their parachutes. On Ground floor, Nathen: ALRIGHT MARINES WERE GOING TOO BE PROVIDING THE DISTRACTION. STAY ON YOUR TOES AND HOLD YOUR GROUND WHEN WE GET THERE. MOVE OUT. Story: your squad goes left wile the marines go right. You get to enemy territory Ramon: Cyclopes you see any thing. Cyclopes: 2,500 feet Ramon: Leo and I will take them out wait for the signal…. [Waves his hand, squad moves up] Sierra: [smirks] hostiles coming our way. Ramon: hold your fire sierra. Stay in the dark, let them pass Hostile,1: hey what the hells going on. [Their feet stop right next to you.] Hostile,2: how should I know? [Runs away] Hostile,3: hey wait up. [Hostile ,1 follows] Sierra: look over there there’s a group of tangos running the same way. Leo: let’s hurry with the amount of people going…. Ramon: [Ramon cuts him off] I know [Checks his map] the quickest way would be that ally way strait to the tower No one falls behind. [Turns the corner and drops the group of five 200 yards up.] Sierra: On the roofs. [Cyclopes picks the sniper up a pulls three shots off in a couple of seconds.] The body on the tower falls with the blood seaming to be yanked out of them and slams the body brutally as it bounces off the floor and its gathering a crowd. Ramon: looks like we got no other choice there is only one entrance. Cyclopes grenade. Go loud. [A grenade was tossed to Ramon he tosses it in the crowd and pulls the detonator out.] A metallic box forms a round the enemies and they start to scream. All you hear is a loud thump and the screaming stops. Sierra go! Story: Sierra leaps over the box and breaks down the giant door right behind it and runs in guns blazing. Your squad follows Leo: missed one [pulls the trigger on a guy hiding in the corner] Sierra: awe shut up. INTERCOM: Nathen: are you guys done yet I’m getting hammered out here, were down to ten marines. Ramon: just a few more minuets hold on. [Turns it off] Squad move up we need to reach that target. Story: You move up and fight through the building and get to a door Ramon: Leo hack the controls. Leo: on it sir [the door opens and everyone walks in] Sierra: don’t tell me this was for nothing. [Windows slam open on the walls] Crazy scientist: looks like the Americans want him dead as much as me men open fire. Leo: it’s an ambush. [Ambush ends] Ramon: [pulls out the radio] Nathen where are you? Dam! Just static. Leo can you get a read on his location. Leo: pulls out his tac pad. He’s moving away from the rally point and fast. He stopped [shows you the pad] Ramon: Nathen is compromised. Not to far from here let’s move. Leo: brother we got five minuets till extraction leaves. Ramon: we’ll think of something. Story: You fight your way through the enemy and get to a good view point. Cyclopes: look [tangos have Nathen hostage and loading him in to a truck. And a tank is rolling in] Ramon: Cyclopes engage [Cyclopes breaths pulls the trigger 5 times 4 guys by the car go down and you see blood spill out of the slit in the tank.] [You move up while Nathen crawls over to the tank for cover enemies are advancing on his position it’s your job to get to him before them] [You untie him and hand him a gun.] Nathen: took you long enough rookies. Now how are we getting out of here? [A grenade goes off and takes a tread off the tank] Sierra: [looks at the car] I got shotgun. Nathen: I got the gun rookies. Ramon: I’ll drive. [Drive your way out of there and up to the back of the air craft while you’re being shot at] [Pulls out the radio] hey drop the hanger and make some room. [You drive up it and the air craft takes off] Crazy scientist: They got away? Tango,1: yes sir. Crazy scientist: that’s ok we’ll see them again.
  5. Erikm

    XR-H21 Spaceship model (Feedback please)

    I like how this looks but the wings seem a bit flat and the tip of the plan seems a little boxy
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