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  1. Hi! I've been liking the d programming language since moment I tried it. Of course, I tried to find a job in this field, but I can't I wanna know - are there anyone, who uses D lang? How do you look for an information? I always add "dlang" to my request to google. Do you use a dlang on your job? Is it hard to find job with dlang? If you have a job with dlang, please say name of country, where you live. p.s. Sorry for my English
  2. Hi, everybody! For begin, sorry for my english. I'm interesting in programming for iPhones, because there are much work on oDesk. New iPhone 4 is very expansive for me, but cost of iPhone 3g is suitable for me. Can I buy iPhone 3 in order to programming for fashionable iPhone 4?
  3. S2P, thanks! I have looked to SmartFoxServer, but it is not fully satisfy my needs: 1. It is not provide simple API for object manipulating. I want to do this: world.setProperty(objectMe, "x", 10) and it will translate me on all gamer's machines to point with x-coordinate = 10. 2. It is not support (and doesn't want to support) RTMFP - it is my main demand. http://www.smartfoxserver.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=10850&sid=edb5fdc80e48a5e728c90003b1716cf6 Prooflink =) While library is not found, I start to do this by myself.
  4. My game must be very fast real-time hardcore with bangs, kills and explosions Even ping = 300 ms - it's too mush for me. Therefore I'm looking for a RTMFP-based network library. My game should to unite 32 players maximum.
  5. Does anybody know solution of my problem? Perhaps, I posted to wrong section? Where is right?
  6. Hello, everybody! For begin, sorry for my english. I'm an as3-programmer, and I want to create very intensive multiplayer (not MMO) game. I'm interesting in library, which able to solve the next situation: Imagine, that you want to create game for 4 players. There is physic and intensively interaction between players. You need: 1. One virtual world. Clients putting/dropping from this world object, like it local array, but not hard network object. 2. Every frame synchronization 3. Controllable interpolation. If my English is too bad, I'll try to repeat it with code: 1. I'm creating on clients virtual worlds: a) First client: var world: NetWorld = new NetWorld(coordinationServerAddress, coordinationServerPort); var firstPlayer: Object = new Object(); firstPlayer.x = 10; /* blah-blah-blah*/ world.putObject (firstPlayer) b) Second client: var world: NetWorld = new NetWorld(coordinationServerAddress, coordinationServerPort); var secondPlayer: Object = new Object(); secondPlayer.x = 10; /* blah-blah-blah*/ world.putObject (secondPlayer) 2. When we want to render our world, we should write on first client: for each (var obj: Object in world.getObjects() ){ WorldRenderer.renderObject(obj); } //It will render _TWO_ objects, but first player added only one object in its code 3. When we manipulating our object, we should write: world.setPropertyValue(firstPlayer, "x", 20) world.addPropertyValue(firstPlayer, "velocityY", 9.81) 4. Data translation should translates over RTMFP, and uses coordination servers only before game, when there is not 4 players for game. When game starts, coordination server should to determine main player, that will synchronize other players, and all players disconnects from coordination server. Is there already completed lib for my aims? I can to write this lib without assistance, but I'm very busy (11 hours per day for work and two education are comming soon) Sorry for my English again.
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