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  1. Never mind about this topic, I've buyed a book covering all this.
  2. I would be grateful if someone would provide me a game tutorial which covers game logic.
  3. UnrealEngine and Source are game engines, I know. The only thing I don't know are the command you can use in DirectX, THAT'S my problem.
  4. @Radikalizm: That's like telling me to write something in Japanese, while I can't! I'm new to DirectX and I don't know how to use it. I want a Tetris sample so I can figure out how DirectX works. All the tutorials I followed were only related to graphics, not to a game in general.
  5. I preveously followed rastertek.com, but it only focuses at graphics, not at making a game.
  6. Is that possible? That's great! Now I'm only waiting for the sample...
  7. My GPU is too old for DX11, and DX10 has more features than DX9
  8. I want a Tetris sample in DirectX 10 with C++. Does anyone know a sample? Thanks in advance, QMC
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