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  1. raicuandi

    How is an FPS game built

    Yes it would that's how old FPS games like Duke Nukem 3D were made. What it won't let you do is modern lighting on them. I'd just do what SimonForsman said.
  2. raicuandi

    C++/DX11 Code Organization

    My suggestion is start really basic and then refactor, that's one -dare I say natural- way to learn it. On my tetris clone I had everything as globals at first, then started to separate as I built the game.
  3. I'm getting a crash when I release my IDXGISwapChain in fullscreen (using D3D10), which I solved like so: void shutdown() { safeRelease(g_pSimpleEffect); safeRelease(g_pVertexBuffer); safeRelease(g_pVertexLayout); safeRelease(g_pRS); safeRelease(g_pDepthStencil); safeRelease(g_pRenderTargetView); g_pSwapChain->SetFullscreenState(false, NULL); // <-- fix? safeRelease(g_pSwapChain); safeRelease(g_pD3DDevice); } (I quit when I get WM_DESTROY) But now I'm wondering, do I even have to release all my Direct3D pointers? Is it safe to just quit without doing anything? Or what is the recommended approach?
  4. What is your Working Directory set to in VS in project properties? /edit: sorry didn't realize poster above asked the same question; my bad! /edit2: another question: are you running the debug version in VS but running the release one directly? There can be bugs between them because there are differences such as lack of built-in initialization in release mode, or you linked the wrong libraries.
  5. raicuandi

    Where do I start, if I want to make....

    Well I guess there aren't as many thread like this as I thought there are, but the ones that are it's like they are taken straight out of MMOChamp.
  6. raicuandi

    Where do I start, if I want to make....

    I'm reading these replies and the Beginners forum in general, and I'm... I'm just dumbstruck. I can't believe this kind of attitude is allowed, even by the standards of an internet forum... I've only been on GD.NET for a week but the arrogance, stupidity and obscene lack of respect from people like Matrix6 just make me want to torch down this whole section of the forum and pee on its ashes.
  7. Multiply by world, then by view, then by projection.
  8. LOL Well anyway, I think it was bugging out my driver because I was releasing objects still being bound, like the vertex buffer.
  9. Actually YE, I'm thinking the driver and libraries know how to release these resources better than I do. I can completely bug the driver out, my screen has broken pixels appearing everywhere, and it's forcing me to restart my computer to fix it. I can definitely just come back later at it, for now I'd rather have no bugs.
  10. raicuandi

    How to Log and stay Modular

    Some say, 73% of GTA4's 100 million dollar budget went into the logging system alone.
  11. raicuandi

    how weapon bind to hand

    More info! What software are you using?
  12. Awesome, found it; thanks!
  13. I... don't think so; Blizzard splits each server across as many actual boxes as they can. There is a separate box for each continent, for instances, for battlegrounds, and so on. Also there are only a few hundred servers not thousands. Most everything is realtime and stored in RAM and only commited in bulk to database "every now and then".
  14. raicuandi

    Vector graphics programming under Dos

    That's nice but you can do all those oldie-like games without being stuck in 16 bits and 4MB of RAM. Might as well be using punch cards ... I started a Commander Keen remake in XNA a few years ago but got sidetracked on other stuff.
  15. raicuandi

    Vector graphics programming under Dos

    Why in all that is holy would you want to create DOS software in ... *checks calendar*... 21st century? /edit: you can definitely make dos-look-alike games using modern technology
  16. Direct3D9 or 10/11? Yes, if the resolution of your game in fullscreen is different from the native/max resolution of the monitor then it will look all blurry or pixelated, that doesn't mean antialiasing isn't working though.
  17. Huh, never heard of programming live streams before...
  18. raicuandi

    Smooth shadows (normal calculation)

    Well now that it's clear what it is, I'm sure someone here knows how to deal with heightmaps
  19. raicuandi

    Smooth shadows (normal calculation)

    That's it, a flat pane? Then all the normals just point "up"/away from the face. /edit: also, if you make a mesh in say 3DSMAX or Blender, don't you get the normals exported too?
  20. raicuandi

    C (C++) / Code::Blocks / printf() "%Lf" warning...?

    Tried it with latest CodeBlocks + mingw compiler, compiles fine but prints gibberish instead of pi.
  21. Hi! I want to get back into game development (I have some free time now), and check out DX10 at the same time, and basically want to develop one _polished_ game in no more than 500 hours. I have a lot of experience programming, I've worked on 3D games and tools before (but never solo), but when it comes to creating models or sprites or audio - not really my strong point, although I could pick up some Blender tutorials and probably be able to make basic meshes. So, what do you guys think is a good idea or type of game to develop in this situation? I can't decide by myself because I get too nervous about the art part. Thanks in advance
  22. What ApochPiQ said, it's diamond inheritance, and it's a bad idea to use it
  23. raicuandi

    Classes and Functions [Help?]

    You probably want a pointer to your one single instance of gameClass inside rectangle, or, something like this: void Rectangle::fillRect(gameClass *gO){ SDL_FillRect(gO->screen,&square,SDL_MapRGB(gO->screen->format,0xff,0,0)); [font="CourierNew, monospace"] [/font] [font="Arial"]Seems to me you do not really understand the basics, sorry.[/font]
  24. raicuandi

    [C++] Performance questions

    Empty constructors for simple structures like vectors, matrices etc. should not initialize data. You are shooting yourself in the foot performance-wise, because you'll just overwrite those 0s usually right after creating the instance. D3DX does it the same way. typedef struct D3DXVECTOR3 : public D3DVECTOR { public: D3DXVECTOR3() {}; Plus, debug mode initializes everything for you anyway, to eye-catching values like 0xDEADC0DE or whatever, so you can immediately spot if you have left something uninitialized. I doubt there's a difference between those two constructors you posted.
  25. raicuandi

    What games would you most like a clone of?

    Gothic 1 The original developers just didn't realize what they got right, and nothing like it was ever created again.
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