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  1. Life's just too awesome :) All i really need is a steady income and I could very well be contender for world's happiest man! :D
  2. so my girlfriend had decided to fall asleep on me. I wouldnt usually complain, but i need the toilet
  3. Hey guys and Gals! We are now on Facebook! Would be great if some of you could come and like our page to build our fan base! Keep up to date with all our news from our latest games and have your say in some aspects of our creation! There are chances to win some prizes for our game and the chance to be a part of the team! So what are you waiting for!? Get on over and like us! http://www.facebook.com/LoneWolfEntertainmentBristol
  4. ChristianCurtis

    Game design Blog for beginners

    Ah ok Thank you.
  5. ChristianCurtis

    The Life of a Video Game

    Hey there guys and gals! I created a blog a week ago for beginners to game design, about how to design a game. I think that this would really help some people as some struggle to get down what they have to write. So take a look! The website is: http://lonewolfentertainmet.blog.com Thank you! Christian Curtis
  6. ChristianCurtis

    Game design Blog for beginners

    haha ofcourse! silly me lonewolfentertainment.blog.com
  7. ChristianCurtis

    Game design Blog for beginners

    Hey guys and gals, I recently created a blog for those who are new to game design. Please check it out and leave a comment. Thanks
  8. ChristianCurtis

    The Life of a Video Game

    Hi all! Thought i'd just let you know, that if any of you are interested, i have created a blog to show the life cycle of a video game. From life til death. You can find it on here: http://lonewolfentertainmet.blog.com/ Thanks guys, any comments or feedback would be great and very muchly appreciated. Christian Curtis
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