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  1. Eugenic

    Robin Williams (1951 - 2014)

    Dead Poets' Society has always been my favourite movie of all. He will be missed...
  2. Hi Jeremy, I come from a similar background (a few animated shorts) and from both orchestral and EDM music, but I think I can shed some light on this one mainly because I am now learning a thing or two about FMOD or Wwise. My understanding is that it would be the audio programmer job to implement this, however what I can see if that both FMOD and Wwise allow you to configure parameters and switches by yourself, so I assume whoever can do this on their end will greatly held the audio programmers, however I saw composer answering the same question and saying that is "none of the composer's business". I do not think this is actually true anymore with the growing interactivity of the tracks. About the "looping" I guess it really depends from what the game demands, however I saw that even if the music is looping, it does not need to be repetitive: you can program music in small modules that go well with each other and that are randomized: think a musical version of Temple Run. I hope other, more expert people, can add to the discussion, I would be interested in hearing more! ;) Fabio
  3. Eugenic

    The Odyssey, a turn-based sci-fi tactical game

    Nice background story and setting! Civ 3 was one of my favourite games for sometime. Let me know when it's time to add some background music: soundcloud.com/fabiomarchionni ;) Also let me know if you need a Wwise newbie to help you out with the basics of sound (if any needed!).
  4. Eugenic

    Got Soundcloud?

    Hi everyone,   here's mine: https://soundcloud.com/fabiomarchionni   Enjoy! :)
  5. Eugenic

    Name for a female character

    She's GOT to be called Modesty :P
  6. Eugenic

    FPS Movie Based Game

    Hello everyone, I've been subscribed to GameDev for one year+ and never posted, just to give you an idea of how this post intrigued me. I am just an amateur programmer (very old-school) and my real interest is music, but this made me tick.   I suppose that the main issues for a game like this are two: an AI programming and a financial one. Such a tree-like structure, would be a massive workload, even for a restricted game play of only a few hours, in terms of programming all the different choices and doing separate animation and storylines for each ramification.   What made me think is that a game like this should consider applying a model similar to the orbitals in atomic physics: what is the probability of a certain event happening? This would create (welcomed) limitations to the amount of choices, creating comfortable "bottle-necks" to more or less direct the story in just a few directions.   I hope it's clear. :)
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