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  1. listening to Photograph [Live In Atlanta] by Nickelback on @Grooveshark: http://t.co/MrQUJEn #nowplaying
  2. what is... i dont even... how in the... http://t.co/oZZZUp5
  3. people in my house, please turn down the volume of all the million devices that are on. thanks.
  4. Within Temptation = <3
  5. Sending checks on Saturday should be illegal.
  6. "water... mother earth's urine" - @throughcory "thank you mother nature for pissing this excellence for me to drink" - @joeyismusic
  7. I'm listening to Post(?) Organic by Decapitated on Pandora http://t.co/BEyUCUn #pandora
  8. so much code, so little time.
  9. my good mood just got ruined. i farking hate taxes.
  10. Randomly ran into @andytrick at Chipotle at around 11 AM this morning. haha
  11. Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury... we still miss you. http://t.co/CCNv35N
  12. what should i have for lunch?
  13. joeyismusic

    Open GL as 2D with Sprite sheets

    After some research, I came across the [font=verdana, arial, sans-serif][size=2]GL_NV_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE extension. Is this widely supported?? What about integrated graphics cards?[/font]
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