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  1. Hi everyone!   Like the title says, I can code up a pretty decent console based game in C++ or C#   But when it comes to making the jump to something with graphics I'm a little lost, I want to use the Monogame framework but I really struggle to get through tutorials (they just seem to have so much details I don't need....I can learn better by just reading through some code and figuring it out myself...I find that so fun....but where can I find some code for something with C# and Monogame to read through)   And then there's the problem of what I need to do, I'm pretty sure I'd need some kind of Game Manager class and classes for various entities of the game and so on....but for putting it all together....ummm...so I need to make a window and the put things on it (pretty sure I can figure it out with the practice I had making small games on Win 95 way back from a book)....I don't know, it's just the whole putting the blocks together confuses me for some weird reason....it's like, I know what I need block wise but I don't know how I build them into a working device   I'm not planning on something silly at first just simple stuff to learn (so I'm not making my first game a 3D sandbox MMO ^_^) I might try and make a game that I can use to prototype my board games or something maybe   Anyone who can help me out will get digital cookies and VHS tapes!
  2. I'm looking into the idea of making some simple games in my spare time (of which I have a lot due to being unable to work a normal job) with a view to eventually making something I can actually get paid for.   I know some C++ (enough to make a complex text game/simple 2D game like Pong or something) and I'm starting to learn OpenGL (I own the fifth edition of the super bible so I'm hoping between looking stuff up in there and maybe asking here if I'm truly stumped I can get figured out)   I'd rather not use an engine because I want to teach myself to make my own engine (yes I know I could make games a lot faster using Unity or something, but I don't know....I just think it would be kinda cool to learn everything I need to make games on my own, plus there's the fact I don't wanna have to pay a tonne to license an engine if I ever did decide to go commercial)   I could just search google forever and read a million tutorials but I'd probably learn better by diving in and fiddling about, I can handle most of the tasks myself with a little guidance, it's just....I'm a little stumped on where to even start.   My eventual goal would be a Monster Hunter type of game, or before that maybe some kind of cross between Minecraft and Pokemon and JRPG styleness.   I'd also like some advice on how to design the game BEFORE I start coding, what should I do with that? (That's an area I know nothing at all about)   Anyway...I hope this rambling weird post isn't too confusing! ^_^
  3. Thanks, that does help All of the replies so far help actually! Although the course I'm doing shows me DirectX I'll still check out that Nehe tutorial, and JBAdams, thanks so much for breaking it down like that...it makes a lot more sense to me now
  4. I'm currently studying a Game Development course, but I wanna try some stuff on my own....I still haven't got to 3D yet, so I was thinking, why not try making a simple 2D game Thing is, I know (at least I'd say) enough C++ to get it done, but I don't know where to start.... C++ I know is all the basics (variables, classes, functions, memory management, new, delete, pointers, virtual etc.), but taking what I know and turning that into a game.....s'kinda daunting, I mean, I've programmed a little to practice the stuff, but it hasn't been "complete" things, more, sections of things....as part of the course, I have seen a little of a 2D engine, but I want to make my own (more for the experience than anything) I know more or less what sort of game I want to make....it'll be single player for now (although I would like to add an online multiplayer component at some point, not MMO, just two/three other players in a game....if it's not super difficult/pointless, maybe a basic lobby with chat).....it'll be kinda like Monster Hunter for those who know it, only much, much simpler (at least to start ) and 2D.....I'd like to make it so adding stuff in is relatively easy (eg, if I want to add a new enemy I don't want to have to remake the game from the ground up) Mainly, what I'm wondering is....where to start? (any good tutorials are welcome too ^^_)