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  1. exactly the information i was looking for! thank you soso much
  2. Thanks guys. I didnt ignore any of it at all. That kind of stuff is exactly what i expected this to be. A massive amount of research and practicing something til you've got it right then making a new goal. It reminds me of guitar. Learning one technique like strumming on beat then learning a new one like palm muting, then another like sweep picking. Its all a big staircase and each tiny step gets you somewhere new. I've messed with some game stuff but I wouldnt say i know how to program or that im even a beginner programer. I know nothing about coding. And i know nothing about where to even start. I've decided to take my first steps with Java. I know you reccomended Python I just feel like starting at Java instead but thanks a ton. I feel like Java is a little less advanced but once i get the hang of using Java, And ill def. try out the C++ language later. im guessing this will take me more than a year to even accomplish but I think i can dedicate myself to it. My friend has just started a tutorial from C#. He seems to be liking it although its frustrating. He started with a tutorial that teaches him how to move a ball or circle that he made in microsoft paint around the screen but now he wants to add gravity or something but he cant find out how. He's the type who drifts away thinking he can luckily guess the code or somethin. We'll get there though. You guys are real helpful. I might have to find a Java community forum because I know i'll have tons of questions learning this with out an instructor. Thanks for your responses!
  3. Do you guys consider minecraft graphic intensive? I was thinkin of making a game with that kind of graphics if not like the graphics of a game called "Harvest Moon 64".
  4. I want to learn C++ or Java. But i hear C++ is better in the industry but Java is better for online games. I want to make a game like minecraft or terraria where players cant host their own servers and maps to play with each other. My goal is a PC game. I have not decided on the perspective of the players view yet (birds eye, first person, platform, or 3rd person). Havent decided if its 2d or 3d. I don't know squat about programming but If i can get a recommendation on which language sounds better for my goal, i'd have the first step in my proccess. Thanks a lot for your help
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