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  1. I got a dig bick!
  2. The first rule of Thesaurus Club is, you don't talk about, mention, speak of, discuss or chat about Thesaurus Club.
  3. "Dear students, I've decided to extend Assignment 1 deadline to Monday, Apr 16 by 5:00pm so that you can complete all of its requirements. May the force be with you. Fairuz" I love my teachers... Not for the extension, but for the reference.
  4. When Arnold Schwarzenegger was asked why he hadn't yet upgraded to Windows 7, he replied: "I still love vista, baby"
  5. turns on tv... 17 year old mother smoking a cigarette shot at with a shotgun... :D
  6. Even in 3D they couldnt see the iceberg in time... Now they have no excuse!
  7. lol... at 12:30, I was like, might go2 bed.. 3am, fark... not again...
  8. lol chipped my screen good :P thankfully it was my older small screen
  9. If you love me let me go Back to that bar in Tokyo Where the demons from my past Leave me in peace
  10. fark you, I'm a dragon.
  11. My minds tellin me no... But my body, My body is telling me yeah yes
  12. Alyson Hannigan... Perfection well at least in her movies/tv
  13. Be ye a mate or a wench? Oh how I love u pirate facebook
  14. just spent 10 minuits trying to legitimatly buy a song.. a song from a current movie in the cinimas... CANT farkING BUY IT ANYWHERE.. fark it, I tried to be legitimate, mp3 torrents Ahoii
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