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  1. That's what I thought, but I didn't know if it was practical in application. I honestly do not think I'll ever finish the game, I know myself, but, I want to TRY. I don't mind doing really rough write-up type deals of it, if that's what needs done, so your suggestion sounds good.
  2. Hi there. I've been very interested in game programming for a while now, I've found most sites that teach me are very hard to follow. I'm having another go at it now though, and I wanted to know this for once I get the basics of the language down: Should I try and make the game that I desire, and only make the parts of it that I think I can, right away or Should I do some "challenges" to just train myself up. Things I would never really care about otherwise. Thanks
  3. dothackking

    MMOFPS game engine

    You can't afford 3000$ a year while talking about hiring coders ? A coder costs about 60k-100k a year, damping this down to lets say 1000$ , he would be able to work only atmost a few weeks for you , which is nothing when it comes down to coding. Define MMO in this context. Is it 32 players ? 64, 128 , 16k ? UDK is a good and populare choice, but I'm not sure if it is capable of handling more than 32/64 players. [/quote] We can't afford 3000$ a year after launch, or even during development just for an engine. MMO in this context is aiming for around 2k customers, with probably 500 on at any given time. Our scale for this game is fairly massive, we were looking at around 30 "large" (1-2km x 1-2km) maps
  4. dothackking

    MMOFPS game engine

    Sorry if this is the wrong area to ask, but I have been looking into engines for about a year now, I had settled on Torque to begin with because of how shooter friendly it is, but due to my lack of money, hiring someone to write network code was going to be alot more expensive than reconsidering engines, About 3 months ago I reserved a HeroEngine world, now that all the design documents are highly polished and such, it turns out everyone hates that engine. What is the best MMOFPS development engine in your opinion? I am hoping to find one that uses a more popular language, I was told hiring people to code in HeroEngine was going to cost me 3x as much because it's a new language and not many people know it. I have (until I have something to show) a very low profit for the engine itself, so anything like BigWorld is a no-go, especially since I do not intend to make huge profits later on, I could not afford the 3000$+ a year. Thanks.
  5. dothackking

    What to use

    Everything i have seen says to start with Tetris-like games, move up to mario-like games as you go. But I have no idea where to actually get started? Should I read a massive 600 page book just so I can learn how to make Tetris? Is there no "quick tutorial" like there is for BASIC? I'm leaning towards Java or Python. Edit: I am not saying I want to learn the entire thing in a day, but some sort of "step by step, learn this then learn that" would be great. And some examples.
  6. dothackking

    What to use

    I was saying what the type of game was because according to alot of people here, that makes all the difference in what type of programming language to use
  7. dothackking

    What to use

    I was also considering Python. I just wanted to make something easily compatible with Mac as well According to the person with the idea of the game, it's going to be a real Role-Playing game, not a normal "rpg" She wants it to be a multiplayer (not massive, just a few people) game where the game sets the "scene" and the players determine everything that happens. No quests or anything, just pure roleplay.
  8. dothackking

    What to use

    Thanks! It looks very helpful. I believe I will end up in the end making my game with Java, but learning C first may be the proper way. Also: I plan on writing alot of the code on a mac, is this possible, or will I run into problems with C? What program do you recommend for doing the actual coding? Notepad2? SOmething else?
  9. dothackking

    What to use

    Hello, I'm interested in creating a game. I would like to create a game that at least...sells, even if for just a dollar a copy. Now I know this won't be a fast process, I'm willing to put a year or more into it. But I am a noob to all programming and such. I would like it to be multi-platform and a multiplayer game. What programming language would you recommend, and would you recommend any programming help tools (DarkBASIC Pro, BYOND, Any other game dev program, etc)? Thanks! Before you say "what is your game going to be" I do not know yet, I just know the QUALITY I'm aiming for. It will probably be some sort of rpg, though.
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