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    Swedish guy wants to learn.

    Welcome! Unfortunately, I think there is no shortcuts in game development... if you really want to achieve something, you have to work for it. You can't get someone to work for you just because you have "some great" ideas. Yes, you can get someone to help you. But first you have to prove you worth it. In my opinion, do you want to know the fastest way to accomplish your goal? You've already used photoshop and 3ds max. Even if you're not that good with it yet, make some drawings and models and concept art by yourself and show it off. Keep practicing and working with those tools (or others) until you have something to show and attract someones attention. Good luck!
  2. diogopierrot

    Copyright issues - movie based game

    Hm, thank you Tom Sloper, I bookmarked your links and will read it later when I get home. Death&Taxes... I think that contacting the copyright holders would be very difficult, and I don't have any idea about how to do that, but I'll search for it too. Thanks for the explanations P.S.: and sorry for posting at the wrong place.
  3. diogopierrot

    Designing an RPG/Tactical RPG

    Didn't you guys realize that it's a topic from 2004?
  4. diogopierrot

    Copyright issues - movie based game

    Thank you all for your replies! As my goal is just to get experience making my first 3D game, for later on developing a concrete project, I think I will not get in trouble for this. So I'm going to do this anyway (maybe tweaking some things and adding some content) and taking care to make explicity whenever I showcase my game that it's just a fan game and that I'm not affiliated with the owners in any way. Afterall I think I just need a context or something to start from. By the way, have you already watched Tim Burton's movie "9"? That's what I have in mind. Best regards,
  5. Hi, I was wondering if I would be getting in trouble with copyright laws if I make a game based in a movie even if I don't want to make it "commercial" or sell it. I mean, it is just for learning purposes, but I do plan to release it (for free), or maybe just show my progress in youtube videos or a blog and stuff like that. Because I have seen videos of Super Mario World's and Zelda's and other's clones. I'm not that good writing scripts and storylines, so I was thinking of just pick a movie and make a game with its story and characters and all that. What can you tell me about that?
  6. diogopierrot

    Engines Performance

    Thank you a lot for your answer! I decided to learn C#. I think I'm not going to make 3D games for a while and for 2D XNA pleases me more than pygame. So let's go for it
  7. diogopierrot

    Engines Performance

    Not even a single reply?
  8. diogopierrot

    Engines Performance

    Hello guys! Although I'm new here, I've been reading this forum for a long time. A little about me (you can skip it if you want to): I had learned some Basic, Pascal and PHP when I was younger, just for simple apps, but sadly I had to let it go when I got into college. But now I want to begin developing games, so I'm trying to figure out the way to go. After spending the last two weeks reading something like a hundred of topics here and FAQs and blogs, I think it's time to stop just planning and actually doing something. So I decided to learn some programming language and develop some 2D games at first. But my main (medium to long term) goal is to produce 3D games, when I think I'll need to use some engine. I think my options (or at least the ones I'd like to go for) are: - Python -> Pygame -> Blender Game Engine - C# -> XNA -> Unity Well, coming to the title of this topic, I still have a question: Can games made using BGE have a good performance or not? Is it suitable for "commercial quality" or big projects at all? I've seem a lot of videos on youtube of BGE's games and all of them looked "lagged". Is Unity3D a better option regarding performance and flexibility? Or if I want performance I must go with C++ or any low level language? Furthermore, I've read that Boo is like a "dialect" of Python. So could I stick with Python even if later I use Unity? Being a high-level language its performance is also worse than C# (independent of the engine, for apps and 2D games)? For programming I'm really tempted to try C#, but as I already have some experience with Blender (just modeling) BGE is in the sight. So... Am I close to the right path? Or everything I said/assumed is wrong? Sorry for writing that much, and also for my English mistakes. It's not my mother tongue. Thanks, Diogo
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