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  1. ZDresearcher

    how to work with google checkout

    x.x sounds complicated but thanks for ur help mate!
  2. hello friends well I was just wondering how would i publish my android game or app once its done . so I go to https://play.google.com/apps/publish/signup?dev_acc=13412862969195223195 then what do I need ? a paypal account? I dont know very well how all that works . once I had a bank account but closed it I remember I had to deposit like a certain amount of money in order to be on a banking plan so what is paypal? Im lost .....
  3. how many vertices can my 3d model for my main character for an android game have? can someone tell me the answer with technical details ? I think that this is something named fps
  4. ZDresearcher

    [Android/help]loading 3d models

    but unity3d for android apps isnt free? is there any free engine for android?
  5. ZDresearcher

    starting from nothing

    hey guys well is I was just wondering if its possible to get a job in the game industry ? specially on game programing lets suppose that I make a freegame in 3d its secure that someone will contract me if he sees my project done? is it necessary to have a professional bachiller? or stuff like that? I cant get a tittle
  6. ZDresearcher

    [Android/help]loading 3d models

    well guys basicly what I should do is an engine its a bit hard but its interesting I think that I have to implement a plugin named ImageJ 3d and modifie it right?
  7. I want to load 3d blender models to an andriod game so I want to use a framework like "min3d" to do the job but how do I use it? do I have to install something? or is there another way to load 3d models?
  8. ZDresearcher

    What is shining?

    yea first I tho that was something about complex maths a geometry but its about the stupid sun
  9. MIT game desing opencourseware link is broken and how much have you done cowboys? btw good job
  10. ZDresearcher

    [intro to calculation] pose problems N.-1

    the answer is 9 win
  11. so here we have : 1.- A certain amount of people have to pay in same parts a total of $72 000 dollars. If they would be 3 less people then each one will have to contribute with $4000 dollars more . How many people are? come on guys I have confidence in you
  12. take a look what naughtydog asks for "[color=#333333][font=Helvetica, Helvetica,]B.S. in Computer Science and/or Mathematics or equivalent work experience" here [/font]http://www.naughtydo...cs_programmer1/
  13. ZDresearcher

    arbitrary point UV coordinates

    a little question are u using allerio? or another library or are you doing this since your own ??
  14. ZDresearcher

    what is capable to do a compter scientist?

    I really want to start working into something big :3 cant wait
  15. do they make their own library? or they work with one that already exists? btw I havent started university yet so I want to apply maths stuff into a basic 2d game for example
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