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  1. Looking further I notice that the .wxs for the SDK installs the vs2008 redist whereas the runtime does not. It looks like there is a still dependency on the vs2008 runtime in SlimDX somewhere.
  2. Ah, ignore my question about deployment - I've found the documentation, in exactly the place you'd expect it to be: http://slimdx.org/docs/#Installation
  3. Hi Guys, FYI, I can reproduce this with the latest January 2012 redistributable package on a clean install of Windows XP. If I install the VS2008 redist then the problem goes away. Mike, you mention the 3 steps your installer performs: are these documented anywhere? A google search didn't turn up anything and I'm less than familiar with WIX scripts... Thanks, Steven
  4. Problem solved, if I use [color=#444444]D3DX10_FILTER_TRIANGLE as my mip filter, I get output that looks like the WPF render. Easy as that! [color=#444444]Thanks!
  5. [color=#333333]I have a 3D scene that I've tried rendering in Direct3D 10 and using WPF's 3D framework. Obviously, going directly to Direct3D is producing far better performance but I am getting banding which doesn't appear using the same scene in WPF. [color=#333333]Does anyone have any tips on removing this type of artifact? It's obviously possible because WPF doesn't have it... If you have any questions about my Direct3D setup I will be please to add that information. [color=#333333]WPF: [color=#333333] [color=#333333]DirectX: [color=#333333]
  6. Why oh why do i have to write package.GetPart(PackUriHelper.CreatePartUri(new Uri(f, UriKind.Relative)) rather than just package.GetPart(f)?
  7. Dear people who make tutorials: please stop saying "lets go ahead and..." it's driving me mad. Plz find other phrases.
  8. Hello, I don't know if I'm just not looking in the right place, but I can't find ID3D10EffectShaderResourceVariable::SetResourceArray in SlimDX. Any idea how I should be calling this? Thanks, Steven
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